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Because the amount of happiness you can daily achieve is always likely to be hard to increase beyond limits imposed by the external parameters of your environment, even though you may practice the best methods to increase your daily happiness, time becomes the factor most limiting to an increase in the total amount of happiness you can enjoy during your lifetime. Therefore, increasing your lifespan is essential to the attainment of significantly more happiness and should be your next rational goal after doing your best to ensure that you will reach your lifespan potential.

In this section, we present the theory and practice of methods which are currently available, and are thought to be likely to be capable of increasing your lifespan beyond the current human maximum. As with attempting to reach one's lifespan potential, there may be certain practices which are lifespan increasing but may decrease daily life quality. Such potential conflicts, the tradeoffs and other possible resolutions of them will be discussed. We also present those life extending methods which current scientific understanding thinks will be effective when they become available, and which could become available within 25 years given reasonable funding to produce them.


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