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A sound understanding and an intense practice of good nutrition and lifestyle can reduce your mortality and allow you to reach the edge of the current maximum human lifespan. A major purpose of the practice of mortality reducing health practices is that you will thereby still be alive when scientific and technological advances enable human life to be extended beyond the present maximum. However, while nutrition and lifestyle practices which lead to a high quality of life through good health generally also reduce mortality and extend individual lifespan, it is not unreasonable that some of the practices which enhance health and happiness in the short term may not optimally extend individual lifespan, let alone achieve an extension of lifespan beyond the current human maximum.

In this section, we present those nutritional and lifestyle practices for which there is some evidence that adherence to them can reduce your mortality, thereby extending your lifespan. We also present scientific evidence showing that certain xenobiotic research chemicals may have major rejuvenation and mortality lowering benefits. Finally, we try to delineate those practices which may result only in short-term benefit (some of which may even increase long-term mortality) from those which will result in both short term benefit and long term reduction in mortality.


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