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Achieving More Life
- in a nutshell

Here is a nutshell description of our current best recipe for the highest possible quality of life and the longest possible lifespan. While we have attempted to list these in order of priority with respect to the enhancement of the individual's total lifetime happiness (to which both quality and quantity apply), if you think (as we do) that your freedom of choice in this world is being so quickly eroded that many of these choices are in danger of becoming virtually impossible to realize in any manner sufficient to your purpose, then you will wish to place far more emphasis on the last item in the list.

  1. Eat a diet which is moderately calorie restricted and consists of a wide variety of highly nutrient dense foods containing few simple carbohydrates, lots of dark colored vegetables and berry fruits, adequate proteins from both animal and vegetable sources, and moderate amounts of all types of unsaturated fats. Only practice calorie restriction to the level at which your life quality is not decreased, but remember that many aspects of life quality involve modifiable tastes.
  2. Practice daily natural activities that provide stretching, aerobics, load bearing and moderate amounts of resistance with respect to all areas of the body. Include, both separately and integrated with physical activities, mentally stimulating processes that use memory, make connections between data in memory, and apply reasoning to complex problems in many types of knowledge areas.
  3. Get about 50 hours of sleep every week, in sections of at least 6 hours, never initiating sleep within 3 hours after eating and attempting to not wake for a minimum of 4 hours after initiation of sleep.
  4. Learn to understand, to have awe and wonder about, and finally to love the operations of reality - not the distortions that have been wrought by irrational humans, but the underlying reality of the universe. Always and only work at something that you either enjoy or can learn to enjoy, and that also produces something of value to other humans. Above all learn to love yourself, but only for those things about you that show excellence. If you love yourself and are unafraid to show what you are, then you will attract others similar to yourself who will become your best friend(s) and life companion(s).
  5. Use a number of supplements for the following purposes:
  6. Obtain a variety of medical tests including blood tests at least yearly. Always get a copy of all results for yourself and learn to understand what the test parameters mean.
  7. If, in spite of everything, you have no recourse but to require the attention of the medical establishment, become an expert concerning whatever caused that need and reserve all major decision making about your care to yourself.
  8. If all else fails and you cannot remain alive, then seek cryopreservation because it gives you some chance to return again to full life in the future whereas the alternatives do not.

  9. Since there is increasing government encroachment and inhibition of all scientific and social efforts promoting the expansion of life quantity and quality, those seeking such goals must work to reduce these opposing factors. Moreover, since many decades of efforts to reduce the constant erosion of individual sovereignty have proven futile, it is clear that a radical alteration to current social structures is necessary. The creators of MoreLife think that they have found a method to accomplish this and have called it the The Self-Sovereign Individual Project.

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