Factors Affecting Vitamin Loss in Foods

Ascorbic Acid Water leaching, oxidation-accelerated by heat, light, copper, iron
Carotenoids Oxidation, isomerization;accelerated by heat, light
Cobalamin (B12) Alkaline and acid condititions, oxidation
Folic Acid Light and heat
Niacin Water leaching
Pantothenic acid Alkaline and acid condititions;accelerated by heat
Pyrodoxine (B6) Light accelerated by alkaline condititions
Riboflavin (B2) Light and heat accelerated by alkaline condititions
Thiamin (B1) Alkaline conditions, water leaching, oxidation; accelerated by heat and light
Vitamin E Oxidation
Vitamin A Oxidation and isomerization; accelerated by heat and light
Vitamin D Alkaline condititions;accelerated by light and heat
Vitamin K Light and alkaline condititions

Source: Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease 9th Ed. Table 111.1. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore. 1999

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