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Supporting MoreLife and the
Self-Sovereign Individual Project

Page Usage Notes

If you find the information presented on the MoreLife or Self Sovereign Individual Project websites, or within the message that has directed you to this page, to be personally valuable to you - or if you think that the goals of those websites are laudable, please strongly consider making a contribution to assist us to spend more of our time providing such useful information and working on those goals, both short and long term.

Although, based on the principle of justice that all services received from another person should be paid for by a return of equivalent value, none of the following should need to be said, it may be important to some to know that the creators of these websites and their ideas (Kitty and Paul) are not wealthy by any reasonable definition. However the quantity and quality of life are so important to us that rather than spending our time chasing material luxuries, we have chosen to live a very modest life-style on a small income from our joint lifetime savings, so that we can spend as much time as possible on activities that we think will benefit our lives in the longer run and also the lives of many others.

Neither nor are business entities nor are they registered with any government as charitable organizations that can give tax reducible receipts for donations and we would not want them to be so since we do not sanction any government, its procedures, or its regulations. We also do not wish to be given charity or receive funding because we "need" it. All contributions should be viewed as a trade - value paid for value received.

Evaluating the Worth of Information Already Received

(The following is extracted from a post on MoreLife Yahoo and slightly expanded for inclusion here.)

Here is a suggestion on how you could go about determining the worth of something which you already have in your possession - specifically information in the case of,, MoreLife Yahoo and informative messages posted by us to other groups. Imagine a cost which you would certainly not have paid for it. Suppose that is US$100, then imagine the cost had been 1/2 of that (ie US$50) and ask yourself if you would have paid that price. If yes, then imagine the price had been 1/2 way between that and the higher price which you already dismissed (ie US$75), and ask yourself again. If no at the US$50 price, then imagine a price 1/2 that (ie US$25) and ask yourself again. Continue in this manner (which is called a binary search) until you have reached the exact price which is the point at which, for any higher price, you would not have bought it. After a bit of practice, such an estimating process should be able to be done quite quickly to reach a sufficiently precise result.

Actually this is very close to what is called "price negotiation", "bargaining" or "haggling" and is widely practiced in many cultures. The difference is merely that this is "purchaser determined pricing" and takes place after the fact of obtaining the desired service - information from the creators of MoreLife. You can also think of this as a kind of auction in which you are bidding with yourself.

Value for Value transfers are no longer accepted via PayPal - we have closed our accounts because PayPal has denied services to WikiLeaks. See the announcement and discussion at MoreLife Yahoo. A replacement money transfer service that we have found (and used to send money to WikiLeaks) is XIPWIRE. Returned value can be sent by XIPWIRE account holders to Kitty using her XIP ID: KAntonik (formal first name is "Katherine"). Personal checks or money orders are still welcome - please contact Kitty for details, which depends on whether we are in Canada or US at the time. We will also be happy to accept with great appreciation as value transfers for our productive efforts, service contributions if you would like to join our efforts.

Read what others have written to us or have written in public forums about MoreLife. Update 12/7/2010

Those who contribute US$100 or more in a calendar year (incremental amounts OK) will have their names placed on our list of MoreLife Supporters. As one of our supporters described, she couldn't contribute money but she'd be very willing to be a "MoreLife gopher/flunky". Since the services she offered to us were definitely beneficial at the time, we took her up on the offer. We will be happy to consider other non-monetary offers of value trade and, if they are acceptable, we will place your name on our MoreLife Supporter List as a "Gopher/Trader" when the assistance reaches US$100 in worth to us. Dual status on the Honor Role of MoreLife Supporters is welcome.

Contributed US$100 or more in a year Honor Role of MoreLife Supporters Contributed Services This Year
Robert Harding (USA) Contributed US$997.50 in 2009
Kenneth Jacobsen (Denmark) Contributed US$100 in 2008
Martha Olijnyk (Canada) Contributed US$170 in 2008
Ben Sellors (USA) Contributed US$250 in 2008
Rick Handel (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2008
Dave Brett (Switzerland) Contributed US$100 in 2007Contributed US$275 in 2008Contributed US$828.05 in 2009Contributed US$500 in 2010
Alan Taylor (USA) Contributed US$110 in 2007Contributed US$120 in 2008
Sigurdur Egill Olafsson (Iceland) Contributed US$146 in 2007
Fred Smith (USA) Contributed US$120 in 2007
Philip Squires (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2007
William Harrington (USA) Contributed US$1000 in 2007Contributed US$500 in 2008Contributed US$100 in 2010
Peter Giles (Canada) Contributed US$110 in 2007
John Simkiss (USA) Contributed US$300 in 2006
Richard Kaufman (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2006
Steve Sliwa (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2006
Scott Miller (USA) Contributed US$760 in 2006Contributed US$746 in 2007Contributed US$306 in 2008Contributed US$433 in 2010
Greg Aldridge (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2005
Dan Helm (USA) Contributed US$140 in 2005
Ken Rudd (Gibraltar) Contributed US$193 in 2005Contributed US$510 in 2006
Ashton Braithwaite (USA) Contributed US$200 in 2005
Wes and Jessie Neagle (Australia) Contributed US$100 in 2004Contributed US$121 in 2007Contributed US$150 in 2010Contributed US$100 in 2011
Ólafur Páll Ólafsson (Iceland) Contributed US$121.13 (CN$150) in 2004Contributed Services in 2005Contributed Services in 2006Contributed US$100 in 2007
David Jackemeyer (Jack E. Meyer) (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2004Contributed Services in 2005Contributed Services in 2006Contributed US$124.13 in 2006Contributed Services + $ in 2008
Erich Brueschke (USA) Contributed US$150 in 2004Contributed US$200 in 2005Contributed US$150 in 2006Contributed US$150 in 2007Contributed US$150 in 2008
Chris Dowling (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2004Contributed US$100 in 2005
Paul Joffe (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2004Contributed US$100 in 2005Contributed US$100 in 2006Contributed US$100 in 2007Contributed US$100 in 2009
Joe Salerno (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2004
Lauren R. White (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2003
Mark Emdee (USA) Contributed US$250 in 2003
Jack Henderson (Texas) Contributed US$100 in 2003Contributed US$200 in 2004Contributed US$200 in 2005Contributed US$200 in 2006Contributed US$200 in 2007Contributed US$500 in 2008Contributed US$500 in 2009Contributed US$100 in 2010
Micky Snir (USA) Contributed US$100 in 2003Contributed US$300 in 2004
Henry J. Teunissen (Belgium) Contributed US$100 in 2003
Henry Quenin (USA) Contributed US$200 in 2002Contributed US$220 in 2003Contributed US$340 in 2004Contributed US$410 in 2005

MoreLife is Always "Under Construction"

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