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Kitty Reflects7/25/01

Answering people's life-extension questions is occasionally difficult for Tom. This occurs when the poster to The Forums or newsgroup is seeking a solution to a serious health problem that likely could have been prevented, or at least minimized, if addressed much earlier.

Telling someone that he/she is now suffering the consequences of earlier poor decisions is not easy - not because it is the truth, but so often because it is pointless - in regards to the poster. Most often, the person knows this fact but hopes that new knowledge in the overall field of biochemistry will render his/her delay inconsequential. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case; improved diet and supplementation are insufficient while current therapies, even new "promising" ones, for existing disorders most often only slow the course rather than cure.

Tom's personal life-extension goal is to "stay ahead of the wave" of disorders to which others have succumbed. From an early age he did this by not smoking and drinking like his peers, and by adopting good eating habits learned from his nutrition-minded mother. In the past 20 years he has devoted increasing amounts of time to learning the vast subject of human biochemistry with the purpose of understanding current life-extension research for personal disorder prevention use and to technically decipher the fundamentals and research for others.

It is teaching others the biochemistry fundamentals for life-extension purposes that is Tom's main interest. If, by reading the messages from "too late" posters, others gain motivation to make wise lifestyle decisions, then these posted messages with Tom's comments will have served a sufficiently positive purpose.


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