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Kitty Reflects3/28/02

I learned first hand over the past 2 weeks how beneficial puzzle solving is for Tom and how good he is at it

When I am deeply troubled, I find it very difficult to concentrate and find my mind flitting from one thing to another and eventually back to the subject of my concerns. This is especially troublesome when there is no action I can take, but rather must wait on the priorities or whims of others.

Tom, very mathematically and symbolically inclined, can get "lost" in a puzzle that is significantly challenging. He is more likely to let himself be so challenged if the subject is of direct value to him. The problem of actions of various windows in the Glossary and the new Reference Index presented Tom with a new challenge. It had been many years since he'd last done any serious program coding and so was not familiar with JavaScript. However, using a couple of our reference books and his previous knowledge of programming logic and symbols and there was no stopping him. He was like a bull dog with a bone. While I would have given up several times or sought help from someone more experienced, Tom just kept at it, changing his approach when one appeared to be unworkable. He was sure the various features he wanted were doable - and he was right.

So as other issues resolved themselves - outside of our control - Tom solved his puzzle and in so doing, accomplished a formative task that improved the accessibility of information on MoreLife and kept his mind focused on something within his control. Me? I just plugged away at various items that needed doing, distracted myself with some good sci-fi, cap-napped when necessary, and enjoyed Tom's pleasure at solving "his" puzzle.


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