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The past week I've had more time to write my thoughts on a number of subjects then was available for several months previously. This is because I've not had a fully functional computer to use. During this time Tom (Paul) and I have returned to Toronto after which he spent the majority of his time configuring our network to include a new notebook computer which was still in a problem state that was unresolved at the end of our month stay in Arizona.

Having only pen and paper instead of numerous software applications is sometimes very helpful. It allows me to completely ignore the many tasks that are in various states of incompleteness, but require "sophisticated" tools - html editor, photo editor, spreadsheets, search tools, database manager, etc. - and rather just consider thoughts and accompanying emotions that I have experienced recently. It forces me to slow down the pace and catch up with self-evaluation. (In years past I've often used various housework tasks as an opportunity to just think and mentally examine situations.)

Tom (Paul) is nearing completion of the basic necessary work on the notebook computer which will serve as my computer here in Toronto and will travel with us for him to use in AZ where my desktop now resides. I will then get back to the "real" work of MoreLife which is never ending. But self-review should be never ending also. Therefore, I will renew my practice to "steal" bits of time to scribble in my personal notebook - during color processing at my hair dresser's is an infrequent but regular opportunity, although shorter periods I'm sure will arise. It will be up to me to recognize them as opportunities and use them to their utmost.


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