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"How are things going?" I was asked. Well, that depends on how one adds up the ledger - what weighting is given to the events of the past several weeks.

As related earlier in this little nook of MoreLife, my left kidney threw me a curve ball by developing a stone, despite how good Paul and I thought we had been treating it - and the rest of my body. The items related to the stone are a mix of good and wish-they-were-better:

A related group of problems surfaced as a result of the failure of caretaker arrangements I had for the AZ house (mine from the dissolution of my previous marriage):

We made a purchase of a new car last October - fully paid from our savings, again possible because of frugal living - and our 2 older cars became superfluous:

Back in November I had mailed a deposit of a check and a money order, both made out to Paul, to the Phoenix PO address of our credit union - both items endorsed for deposit only to our account. To make a very long story somewhat shorter, the envelope was "mis-directed" by the USPS to the PO box of Waste Management (yes, the garbage conglomerate), mishandled by or for WM and Bank One resulting in the money order being deposited to WM's account. The check (modestly large reimbursement from Bank of America) apparently caught a Bank One employee's attention who sent it back to WM where an employee there mailed it to Paul at the address on the check.

Numerous "lesser" items have kept us very busy during this 3 month planned stay in AZ:

Many individuals with whom we have regular communications have been extremely helpful recently in their actions. This has been assuring to Paul and me that there definitely are people "out there" who will appreciate a value they receive with a return of similar value. Those who did just that and read this will know that this public acknowledgement is meant for them - in addition to the private "thank you" that they've already received.

So, how are we doing? Having now weathered the more unpleasant events - and done so with much less discouragement then on occassions in the past - I can say that we're doing then originally expected. In fact, I think that the two of us are doing well. Now, if we could see the majority of USers realize that an attack on Iraq by the US is not an act of defense, we would have reason to be hopeful about the judgment of many more in the populace. But that's a whole 'nother subject for another piece.


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