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September 2003
At Mary and Graham's in Blackburn

Our visit with Kitty's sister Mary and her husband Graham was cut short by Kitty's manic episode which has been detailed in several MoreLife Yahoo messages (#295 for example) and in 10/31/03 entry for Kitty Reflects on Morelife. Despite that, a few photographs were taken upon our arrival and the day before our abrupt early departure on September 25.

Mary & Graham hard at work

Mary and Graham have turned the small second bedroom in their stone row house (they have the eastern end) into their home office for their wall covering business.

Kitty gets Mary and Graham to pause from their workGraham takes opportunity to stretch and describe the work

Graham was actually suffering from sciatica when we arrived and was finding any position uncomfortable after a short time. He spent much of the time while we were in Cambridge resting in bed with his knees and lower legs elevated and taking anti-inflamatory agents. He vows to be much more careful in the gym and not let himself be distracted while weight lifting.

The little pear that could

The evening of September 24, the day after we returned from the conference, Kitty is relating to all the story of the pear that travelled all the way to Cambridge from Blackburn - and back again - having been given to us by Mary as part of our snack supply, but never used. The telling includes all the "gruesome" details of her ordeal at the conference and the little sleep she was able to get.

Mary works on Kitty's shattered nailsThey're better than they were

Kitty's nails were as ragged as she felt; Mary filed and patched so that they were at least presentable. The pear finally got eaten ;>)

Graham, Mary and Kitty

Graham with Moz (short for Mozart), Mary and Kitty pose for Paul while Geoff keeps a bit at a distance to the right.

Paul and Kitty in Blackburn

Paul and Kitty enjoyed a piece of Mary and Graham's wedding cake from the freezer - it was a terrific solid fruit cake with cream icing - and then posed. Kitty thought the old movie souvenier mug, "The Perfect Gentleman" with Errol Flynn, was the perfect receptacle for her fruit tea.


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