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Humans of the distant past had far shorter lives than we do now and were constantly preoccupied with mere survival. With increasing freedom and technology in various parts of the world has come the successful efforts of men and women that have virtually eradicated many causes of death. Lifespans have increased considerably and, in addition, life in the industrialized world contains time for endeavors rarely, if ever, possible to most of our predecessors just 200 years ago.

Today we can explore the known universe using only our fingertips, our eyes and our ears. We have more information available to each of us via our electronic network (the Internet) than the largest city library. What we lack is the time to fulfill our thirst for existing knowledge, our drive to create new knowledge, technology or inventions, or just our delight of plain curiosity for reality. Our lives, even with average death ages of 74 and nearly 80 years respectively for all US men and women (81 and 85, for those who were already 65 years of age), are far too short for most of us to reach our intellectual potential or exhaust our capacity for joy.

MoreLife offers tools, as well as information, for the purpose of expanding the user's life both in quantity and quality. Merely increasing the length of life is not sufficient to the owner of that life. The ability to enjoy life at age 100 with the exuberance of youth - a greatly increased health span - is what we (the owners of MoreLife) think is necessary and what we think is possible.

Our short-term goal for MoreLife is that it be a repository and link center for science-based information in the general areas of life span and life quality expansion. We see it as an online "encyclopedia" of such information both onsite and elsewhere - all founded on, and with references to evidence-based, scientific reports. Conclusions from extrapolations of facts are clearly stated as such and substantiation is provided. No wild conjectures, no armchair theorizing without practical purpose, and no promises based on wishful thinking will be found on this website.

Our medium-term goal is to participate in and promote the discoveries of the life extension sciences by our review of the peer-reviewed literature on many topics, by commenting on our findings and those of others in public venues, and by bringing to light, for new or renewed scrutiny, ideas and connections which may have been ignored or missed by both "experts" and laymen.

Finally, our long-term goal is to see radically life extending methods thoroughly established and available so that we can concentrate on life quality expansion both for ourselves and for all of humanity, and delve deeply into the foundations of reality which is the only route which will fully enable such continued expansion.

To find ways to vastly extend life's duration while also significantly increasing life's quality, is what we at MoreLife seek.

Since we, the creators of MoreLife, wrote the above in March of 2001, there have been enormous changes in the scientific, regulatory and social structures of technologically advanced countries which are increasingly working against both the extension and the quality of the lives of enlightened forward-looking people. For this reason, we have become very concerned that if current social structures are not radically altered, the establishment and availability of life extending methods that we seek will not be achieved before our deaths. Therefore, our current evaluation of the best use of our time to achieve our own optimal total integrated life happiness has caused us to spend far less time on the short and medium term goals as described above, and to search for a way to more quickly attain a major portion of the long-term goal, also described there, of greatly increasing our freedom to do as we please with our own lives so long as we do not initiate physical force, threaten physical force or use fraud against others. Specifically, we think that nothing short of a revolutionary change in the social structure of the technologically advanced world is necessary and we think that we have found a way in which this might peaceably be brought about. For current details see the Self-Sovereign Individual Project.

Value for Value on MoreLife

More Life is Obtainable

Life Quality Expansion

Since men and women are nothing without being alive and healthy, the primary focus of each individual must be upon the promotion of his own individual health and well-being. This includes both physical health and a pro-life mental outlook. However, in addition to being concerned directly with themselves, people must consider also that they do not live as "islands". The interpersonal relationships that they maintain including their social interactions with all others must be responsible and cooperative based on the individual evaluations of each participant, if they are to optimize their chances of attaining enhanced life span and quality.

Life Quantity Expansion

- Reaching Your Potential
- Increasing The Maximum
- Preserving Your Life

Since time is the factor most limiting to an increase in the total amount of happiness enjoyed by an individual, increasing human lifespan is essential to the attainment of significantly more life. Logically, this can be accomplished in only three ways - reaching one's current potential by preventing all manner of terminal diseases, increasing the potential maximum lifespan for oneself by reducing one's rate of aging, and preserving ones life by placing oneself into suspended animation, if animate life cannot currently continue, so that it may yet continue in the future. This last has the added advantage that additional life extending advances may be actualized while one is in suspended animation. In essence, this last is an ambulance ride to the vast technological advances of the future.


So long as they do not initiate force or fraud on others, all possible methods to attain a higher quality of life and a longer lifespan are acceptable and should be considered for use based on a cost/benefit evaluation.
For increasing health and life expectancy, we consider that the best methods in order of priority are the Use of Food, Optimal Exercise, Adequate and Effective Sleep, Achieving Psychological Fulfillment, Supplementing Nutrition (including hormone replacement as necessary) and Seeking Outside Medical Assistance. In the near future, it will also be possible to make use of various kinds of Body/Mind Augmentation, whether this be genetic therapy, cloned body parts, computer aids for the brain and senses, or even, potentially, migration of the entire body into a non-biological substrate.

Application to Paul & Kitty

We - Paul Wakfer (Tom Matthews) and Kitty Antonik, the authors of this website - believe in practicing what we preach. Therefore, we have included a Personal Section containing information about ourselves including our backgrounds, our dietary, physical and supplement regimens, and some current activities of our lives.

The above is a functional description of the organization of the MoreLife website, and all information to be eventually included here will be accessible through those organization subtopics. However, some users may wish to go directly to a particular kind of information (the full site FAQ, for example). Therefore, the information has also been organized to be accessible by the indexes below.


- Science Theory and Research
- Journal Articles, Textbook and Handbook References
- Practicing the Science
- Frequently Asked Questions

- Site Seminars currently take place at MoreLife Yahoo
- Interactive Courseware (future)
- Links to Related Information at other Websites
- A Glossary of Technical Terms

Finally, there is a global search function for the website.

A summary of our recommendations for expanding life in quality and quantity is given at Achieving More Life - in a nutshell.

MoreLife Yahoo Group
has been created to provide an opportunity for readers of the MoreLife website to ask questions, to critique, to comment, and to engage in discussions about the information presented on this website - or not presented here, but seemingly included within its described scope. The group is moderated by us - Paul Wakfer and Kitty Antonik Wakfer - and as such allows its use as a "seminar" whether on life-extension matters covered at MoreLife or the subjects of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project. A seminar is effectively a meeting and series of presentations by peers, each knowing that they are at different levels and amounts of understanding of the subject matter at hand. Usually there are one or more leaders or guides who are more knowledgeable in some ways, but the others also have unique contributions and the leaders also learn from them. We encourage readers of MoreLife Yahoo to approach the subjects discussed there in such a manner. We welcome our website readers to read and contribute to the large amount of information and commentary which is contained there.

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If you would like to know where some of the supporters of MoreLife and/or the Self-Sovereign Individual Project are located, check out our "friend map". You are invited to join them by creating a "pin" and sticking it on the map - hopefully with a picture of yourself so that Paul, Kitty and others can better connect with you. New 11/28/05

Future Plans

The following features, individual to each user, are planned for the future. All individual information will be encrypted to ensure full privacy. The information will be used to provide services for users and to perform research concerning the effect of various regimens upon health. Because we need to make a living from our efforts, at some point access to some features, and use of some of the tools of this website will require payment.

When the features below are implemented will depend on the level of use and support which MoreLife receives.

MoreLife is under construction now and, to some extent, will never be complete. Life expansion is an unbounded subject and we will always be adding to and/or modifying the material here.

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Just as the figure in our logo is reaching with arms outstretched for "more", we hope that you will return frequently for more information - more assistance in achieving more life in general.


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