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2002 UK trip
Wales - first 2 days

Since Kitty wasn't feeling up to her usual high level after missing out on needed sleep for two nights, the number of photos taken during our stay in Wales, April 21-23, 2002, are on the meager side. However, even with all the "moisture", the scenery was quite lovely. (See also Kitty's verbal description.) A map of north western Wales for reference.

Tom in RhylTom in Rhyl, on the northern coast, with the Irish Sea at low tide.

Kitty having tea in RhylKitty with a much needed cup of tea after we walked along the sea wall in Rhyl.

Our reservations were for the Snowden Ranger Hostel in Snowdonia National Park, outside the little village of Rhyd-Dhu in Gwynedd Wales, to be exact.

Tom peeks out from Snowden Ranger

Our private room was on the top floor with only an openable skylight window.

View from Snowden Ranger 3rd floor room

The view from the window was quite spectacular, even if Kitty had to stand on her toes to enjoy it.

Tom stokes dwindling late night fire

After a brief walk around the area we enjoyed a light supper in front of the fire in the hostel living room.

As Kitty was not feeling particularly well, we decided against doing any climbing of Mt. Snowden, the main immediate attraction. Instead, Kitty pulled herself together and we were off to see some of the surrounding villages, taking a loop route south, west, and then north to Caernarfon before returning to the hostel after the end of "lock out".

Sheep graze in Rhyd-Ddu

Sheep grazing - here outside village of Rhyd-Ddu - is as common a sight as in the Peak District of north central England.

We spent a couple hours walking around the picturesque village of Beddgelert, named, according to legend, for the grave of an ancient king's dog. In a fit of rage the master killed the dog thinking that the blood-covered animal had killed his young son who was missing. After it was then discovered that the dog had killed a wolf thereby keeping the child safe, he was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. Legend has it that he never smiled again.

River in BeddgelertRiver in Beddgelert, more

Rhodedendrons along river in Beddgelert

Two rivers meet in Beddgelert and each has walking paths on both sides. Along one is an area filled with enormous rhododendrons which were only in their early budding stage.

Beddgelert's two riversLooking upstream on dominant of Beddgelert's two riversLunch spot at the river in BeddgelertFor us the confluence of the two rivers in Beddgelgert creates a fascinating visualization of fluid dynamics in action. And for others it's just a really nice place to munch on lunch.

Pretty as a picture in Beddgelert

Kitty just couldn't resist preserving the sight of these well manicured row houses situated just a couple of hundred yards from the merging rivers in Beddgelert.

After leaving Beddgelert, we travelled south to Tremadog where we drove lazily northwest. About half-way enroute to Caernarfon we enjoyed a walk along the quiet country road.

Tom on a stile

Tom demonstrates the use of a stile which allows a person to enter the public walking paths that traverse fields typically housing grazing sheep. These are of a slightly different design than those we used in the Peak District southeast of Manchester.

Sheep rising in Wales

Kitty was just a fraction of a second too late to catch the sheep on the right actually grazing from a kneeling position. She'd never seen this before and found it fascinating.

A peek through the wall

Along another road on the other side of the pasture, we walked for long distance beside a very tall wall that blocked all view beyond it. Spying a block missing, Tom took a look and reported "Just more trees".

Tom heads for return over stile

Tom heads back to the stile as we return to the car (top visible over wall on far left) and on towards Caernarfon where we did a bit of grocery shopping for upcoming meals before returning to the hostel.

Thus ended the visually "recorded history" of our first full day in Wales. We managed to get to sleep a bit earlier that night since again we'd have to vacate the premises the next day.


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