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2002 Europe Trip
Asiago Italy

Sunday July 28, 2002 was our full day in Asiago Italy. Our arrival the evening before was so late that by the time we got settled into our room it was nearing dark; we just walked down the quiet road to a pizzeria associated with a camping ground for a late meal - requesting all the extra veggies they had on a sausage version of 2 large slices. A map of the drive route from the day before is provided for reference. The route is in purple including locations where we were lost and had car trouble (Valle Vescovi to the west of Asiago, marked "L"), and also where we received helpful instructions (just south of Asiago near Linta Park, marked "H").


Hostel Ekar near Asiago

Hostel Ekar located a good 3 miles walk along roads and across fields to Asiago

Tom (Paul) views neighborhood from hostel room

Our room was at the end on the right of the second floor facing the rear.

Rear view Hostel Ekar

We headed out towards Asiago going first along the "main" road and past the buildings to the left in the distance.

A map of the walk route is provided for reference; the route and picture locations are in light orange.

Once we'd passed the settlement we could see what we guessed to be Asiago on the other side of the fields. A couple of paths were visible and we took the most direct one.


Asiago(?) in the distanceLooks like Asiago

(C) As we topped an intermediary hill we could see more of the town, including a large monument to which the path we were on would take us.

(D) These shots give one a full appreciation of the size of this building, which unfortunately is a monument built and maintained for the purpose of commemorating multiple battles that took place on and near Asiago during the 1st World War - a sizable museum is lodged inside.

Is that Kitty up there?That's Kitty!White marble military monument

Somewhere out there is Hostel Ekar

Tom (Paul) looks back in the direction we had walked, but the area of the hostel is beyond the middle hill topped with buildings.

Stairs & blvd leading from monument to Asiago center

A Catholic mass was in progress in the main hall when we arrived, and the crowd seen here at its conclusion exited towards the town center.

Finally found shade and a seat

(E) Although it was a mild day at Asiago's moderately high altitude, the sun was warm and shade was welcomed. This park adjoined one of several churches in the town and seating was at a premium.

Church bells ringing noon

The church bell rung noon while we were sitting there and Kitty quickly took a shot; unfortunately only the bell mechanism shows. It sounded real nice, though.

Worshippers leave Sunday mass

The church-going crowd exited the church before we left the neighboring park.

Shops open for Sunday shopping in Asiago

This was just one of several streets filled with shops in Asiago catering to mostly Italian tourists. We purchased several nice pieces of fruit in the produce shop with the green and white striped awning on the left.

Kitty & Tom (Paul) after enjoying good meal

Later that evening, after walking back to the hostel and taking a much needed rest, we drove back into the town and enjoyed a delicious meal - one fish, one chicken; both with lots of vegetables - at Osteria Dal Piadina on Via M. Valbella.


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