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September 2002
Visiting New Hampshire

After visiting some of Kitty's family roots in New Jersey on September 2 2002, we headed north towards New Hampshire for a couple of days planned stay at the Greenfield Inn and some exploring of the corridor between Nashua and Concord.

Hudson River flows by the US Military Academy at West Point Northern part of US Military Academy campus at West Point

We didn't stop for any picture taking until we were well up the Palisades Interstate at an overlook of the Hudson River at West Point. The buildings of the Military Academy can be seen on the near (west) side of the river below.

A standing roadside lunch

A short while later we stopped again where we could see some shade for a lunch break. Paul chomps away on a cabbage chunk, rye bread, fruit and cheese; supplements and meal cocktail can be seen among our goodies.

Another view of the Hudson from lunch stop location

Kitty took a short stroll and caught this view of the Hudson River to the east and below.

The last of lunch before cleaning up

Paul finishes his lunch; clean up was quick and we were off again once again towards NH.

We didn't stop again for anything but gas until we reached our Bed and Breakfast destination late that afternoon.

Paul tests the bed of the Goldilock Room Everything very compact in the Goldilock Room

Our small neat room - referred to as "Goldilock's Room" - was on the second floor of what was once a large single family house. (This room has since been turned into an upstairs guest sitting room in the latest version of the Greenfield Inn website.)

Down the hallView of the shared bath

A view down the hallway in both directions - first toward the little refrigerator and the front stairway beyond, and second to the shared bathroom for the 3 end rooms. We were staying in the middle of the week and experienced no conflicts in using the facilities.

Supper after day on the road

We made do with another dip into our on-the-road collection of food for a light night meal after an evening walk followed by a bit of movie watching on the VCR.

Setting off to see some of NH

The next morning after breakfast, we set out in our Acura, parked here at the rear of the Greenfield Inn.

Our next car - Subaru WRX wagon

We took the opportunity when we saw a Subaru dealer to test drive a WRX wagon, the car we had been interested in to replace the aging Acura. (Later in the year we actually purchased one that looks identical to this one.)

Before heading off to Nashua/Manchester/Concord corridor, we took more of a look at a NH small town, Milford, where the above dealer was located.

Peaceful Souhegan River through Milford NH

The Souhegan River runs through Milford, and at this point looked so picturesque.

Milford townsquare

We walked around the small town square of Milford looking into store windows and noting activity on a warm summer day.

We didn't take any time for photos until we reached Concord and walked around the town center a bit.

Paul examining bell works Bell works in Concord

This clock had once been part of much older structure across the street in Concord which had burned down some time in the past. A group of citizens in the town collected sufficient funds to give the clock works a new home - one that could be closely viewed and admired. The state capitol building in the background contrasts coercion (government) with voluntary interaction.

Cool fountain break for Kitty in Concord NH

This fountain in a shopping square in Concord was a cool reprieve on a very warm day in New Hampshire.

We arrived back in Greenfield while there was still plenty of sunlight and took a walk around the surrounding area - a pleasant break after mostly driving during the day.

Lots of cat tails in Greenfield pond Old church and cemetery in Greenfield Along Highway 31 in Greenfield

Paul back at the Greenfield Inn Greenfield Inn front porch

The Greenfield Inn front porch provided a nice location from which to watch what little activity there was in this "town" consisting mainly of a general store, a gas station with convenience store and the church on the hill.

We took our leave of New Hampshire the next morning driving back to Toronto.

In the shade for a bit of lunch Once again to show that we are eating

Kitty "caught" us with these time-delayed photos during our meal break during a fuel stop somewhere along the New York Turnpike. She wanted to make sure it was obvious that we were actually eating and not just sitting in the only bit of available shade for want of something better to do. ;>)


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