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2001 Winter/2002 Spring
Kitty's first in Toronto

Winter view from dining roomThe view from our apartment, in the area of Toronto near the University, provides just the kind of winter scenes that look beautiful when no travel is necessary. (The subway entrance, seen at left, makes for easy travel in poor weather.)

Winter view from balcony

Tuna Salad - Yum!Our last meal of the day is a small one and even in the winter, stuffed tomato with tuna salad looks good to Tom. It tasted good too!

Peanut butter - Yum!Moose has a very eclectic taste for a dog. Cleaning peanut butter from the almost empty container, bought from a local bulk food store, is one of his many favorite food experiences.

Tom at Edwards GardenKitty at Edwards Garden

Kitty at Edwards GardenEdwards Gardens is a large lush oasis of both natural and cultivated growth in Toronto, a city well populated with homes and businesses landscaped simply or extravagantly with beautiful plants of all types. The acreage is a pleasure to stroll through and one is often pleasantly surprised by finding something new. This time we saw a red fox crossing the stream at a low point. (Sorry, I didn't have the camera ready.)

Tom & Pansies at Edwards GardenTom liked this one at Edwards GardenTom has a fascination for pansies; the markings often look like faces.

Tom on tippy rock at Edwards GardenLocating a shim rock in just the right spotNow it's a solid wall
Edwards Garden also serves as a "catch ravine" for heavy rains. This rock wall was one of several recently rebuilt after especially heavy rains last fall. Kitty found this rock moved and had Tom verify it. Not being able to just leave it that way, Tom searched for a smaller rock to use as a shim and sucessfully steadied the boulder.


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