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May 2001
At Cottage

Stunned hummingbird on cottage deck railingThis little red chested hummingbird flew smack dab into one of the large picture windows of our cottage soon after we arrived Sunday morning 5/27/01. Kitty carefully picked him up from the deck where he lay stunned and placed him on the railing. After about an hour, while Kitty was watching him from inside the cottage, he suddenly few away leaving us quite relieved that all seemed well. (Sorry about the blurred image; Kitty got a little too close for our old camera's capability.)

Tom reassembling bookcaseWe both love finding something worthwhile for nothing. On one of our twice daily walks, Tom spied this bookcase a block from our apartment having been left by its owner for whoever wanted it. After a few minutes discussion on how best to make use of it, we carried it home, later disassembling it for transport to the cottage. Now we've yet to decide on the best use of the 1/2" plywood sheet he later went back and salvaged which made the next trip to the north country. ;>)

Tom sorts stuffWhat do I do with this?

Tom scurries as he sorts Sorting out years of accumulated stuff - what to keep, what to give away, what to throw away??
It looks like the job will never be done no matter how fast Tom goes. But always having tasks and/or challenges may be one of the keys to a very long life. Note the Scrabble game on the trunk in front of the sofa (Chesterfield, as many Canadians refer to it) - it's in "pause" mode as we do a little work.

Tom leads the wayThere's a stream with fish down there

Beautifully eerie pond seen over Tom's shoulder We set out on a walk of the cottage area - places Kitty had not seen on earlier visits. Tom enjoys investigating the small streams and marshes for fish, frogs, tadpoles, and other interesting critters. And we found some - small snail-like amphibians that appear to carry debris as camouflage. (We couldn't get a decent photo - maybe next year.)

Tom and Moose take a breakKitty with 'our' lake in rear

A short narrow bridge separates two lakes where we have our cottage. On our first outing this spring, we canoed from "ours" behind Kitty to the other, slightly larger, behind Tom. It's very peaceful, especially when we are there, usually on weekdays.

It's not a beaver, it's a MooseThis is the life - give me MORE The perfect way to end a walk in the city, as far as Moose is concerned, is with a dunk in a fountain. But here at the cottage, he can't resist the real thing - a swim in the lake.


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