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Wedding, Honeymoon and More

Kitty and Tom cut wedding cake What wedding would be complete without cake! (November 5, 2000) This one was more nutritious than the typical - carrot cake. It was a bit heavy on the frosting but it was sure good! Granddaughter, Lauren, waits for the first piece as Kitty and Paul(Tom) do the formal cutting.

Tom on lookout for grousse Kitty enjoys 1st snow in *many* years

We spent our honeymoon at the cottage that Paul(Tom) built in "cottage-country" Ontario 35 years ago. It was Kitty's first real snow in more than 20 years. And it was a heavy early snow for the area making our drive to and from a real nail biter.

Tom in Hat

Paul(Tom) has a very fine tuned sense of humor (or humour, as the Canadians write it) and a love of Dr. Seuss. So this picture can be titled "Paul(Tom) in the Hat". He discovered the hat among his grandchildren's toys and modeled it when we spent our honeymoon at "the cottage" in mid-November 2000.
As a side note, Paul(Tom) is wearing his old, well-used hunting jacket that retains the bloodstains of at least one bear he carried over his shoulders more than 30 years ago.

Tom with Toronto Mooses

Taken of Paul(Tom) by Kitty outside Toronto City Hall bedecked with colorful moose designed to promote Toronto tourism - all anterless "thanks" to pranksters who've collected them from the statuary, here and elsewhere throughout the city.

Kitty in fur Xmas nightKitty still in that fur

Taken of Kitty by Paul(Tom) on Christmas night before heading out for a holiday stroll. Kitty would never have been able to enjoy that rabbit fur in Arizona! ;>)

Tom with Granddaughter, Lauren

Paul(Tom) with granddaughter, Lauren, at Erika's and Andris' apartment 12/27/00 poised to start opening gifts. Daughter, Erika in background.

Tom 'owns the road' with his Big Dog shirt

Lauren admires GrandDad's Big Dog shirt. Paul(Tom) says, "I'm going to take this as a compliment."

Tom, Lauren, and Kitty *wait* for photo
Paul(Tom), Lauren & Kitty look pained as they wait for Kitty's troublesome camera flash to go off (Erika was using it).

Tom's daughter and family 'sing for their presents'

Lauren, Erika & Andris in the Latvian tradition of performing for one's Christmas gifts, render Little Drummer Boy in Latvian. Lauren has donned her new "wild girl" Big Dog shirt - can't imagine why she'd be so fond of it... ;>)

Tom uncorks champagne New Year's Eve

Paul's(Tom's) bottle of champagne caught by camera just after cork pop and before fizz erruption as New Year rings in -01/01/01.
Paul(Tom) celebrates New Year with bubble blowing while friend Gary sips champagne before small group of party goers resumed dancing. "Welcome Home" balloon is from photographer, Kitty's last return from AZ 12/23.

New Year Eve bubble blowing

Tom displays some 'mild' dancing New Year's Eve Kitty waits to 'take off' Kitty and friend, Gary, celebrate the New Year

High energy dancing to current strong pulsating music has been Paul's(Tom's) favorite exercise activity for the past 15 years. Kitty has loved to dance since early childhood and is known to do so whenever the music has a "good beat". Sorry, Gary; Paul's(Tom's) eye was on Kitty for this last shot.

Here's bubbles to you! Kitty blows bubbles to good friend Greg on West Coast - a Happy New Year wish via telephone!


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