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March 2009
Few Sights Around Home in Arizona

Hawk on corral had just been on back patio railingBlur of feathers is hawkHawks are not an uncommon sight in our (Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer's) yard - the ground squirrels are most likely one of their favorite meals. Even though Kitty has photographed them before she still finds them fascinating creatures and tries to improve on previous shots. Unfortunately she's still trying for what she would consider a really great one.

Ground Squirrels are the most common (non-insect) fauna on our property. But we never tire of watching their antics. This late March mid-afternoon while we ate our meal, we were entertained by acrobatics on a mesquite branch that we'd trimmed a couple of days previously from a tree off to the left. The rabbits had eaten most of the tiny leaves but the few remaining were of interest to (at least) a couple ground squirrels.Some 'tightrope' walking?Posing for this photo?'Land ahoy' or should that be 'Water ahoy'?Definitely room enough for 2 even if the leaves are fewLooks like this one is doing chin-upsRemaining mesquite leaves are apparently worth the crawl out on little limb


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