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March 21 2009
Just Another Desert Party

We (Paul and Kitty Antonik Wakfer) missed the New Years Eve desert dance party because of its late venue move to over 100 miles away - just too far to drive for even 6 hours of dancing. We don't camp out, so a reasonable distance for an event we'll be at for only one day and evening is important. Therefore we were looking forward to the long planned "Just Another Desert Party" being produced by Stage6 Pro, Warsaw Pact Ent, SBS and Cosmic Sea Productions. It's taken Kitty several months to finally get the photos together, but that does not reflect on the good time that we had that night east of Queen Valley in the Superstition Mountains.

We like to get to desert dance events sufficiently before sundown so that we can get at least a short hike around the area and check out the arrangements. The roads are often pretty rough and going in by sunlight is a good idea.
Setup included 2 outhousesThis event had 2 outhouses - a must with as many people as attended. The crowd was small at this hour but the crew had already picked up numerous bags of trash left by discourteous previous campers in the area. Paul had just added our 4 bags that we picked up plus parts of an ATV?!?
Basics are in place and await the attendeesEven though it wasn't cold, a fire seemed like a cozy atmosphere where many of the attendees and crew were familiar with each other from previous events.
Our car was parked for an 'early' departurePaul (and Kitty too) was into the first thermos of super tea with hopes that the 3 we brought would be enough. We picked a parking spot away from the crowds so that we would not be hemmed in later. It wasn't long though before there were vehicles on both sides of us.

Paul dancing in front of DJ tent w/ artist next 'door'Artist draws attentionColorful sceneMore standing than dancingRed lighted metal 'scaffolding'The overall lighting was really nice at this event.

VJ equipment among the lit bushes for video on DJ tent back screenVJ computers and smallish projection screen on back of DJ tentVideo screen in background, Paul dancing in foregroundThe visual jockeys (VJs) provided the video imagery on the inside of the DJ tent - far too small a screen in our judgment. The other lighting in the area really added to the atmosphere.

Fires are always popularFor those who were not dancing the evening cooled down quickly as the sun set - the fire drew them in. For those of us dancing, long sleeves were too much.
Just a blur of fireShe makes it look so easyAt a distance the firedancer's trail is the major lightFire dancers always get lots of attention - many are highly skilled.

Some serious dancing when Spyder startedSpyder can just be seen with 'fans' taking up space No flash and background lighting is all you get of same scene + some jiggleSpyder was the most popular DJ playing while we there, drawing a lot of attendees out to dance. Unfortunately Nick Synergy - one of our favorites - was scheduled for daybreak, a popular time for those at these events who spend the entire night.
Blur on right is Paul - at edge of dense crowdKitty took a break from dancing to snap Paul, who hadn't taken much of a pause since he'd started. It was too crowded in front of the DJ tent while Spyder was on, but we found space off to the side. The artist could have been better located away from DJ tent itself.

Radia and LED lit hoopsRadia is an excellent hoopster and this time she had LEDs on two, providing a spectacular image.

Paul and Kitty pause to let picture be takenOne young woman asked if she could take our picture - she said we were "awesome!". The event was publicized on various websites including Don', which included photos, comments and reviews afterward.

We're looking forward to the Fall, Winter 2009 and early Spring 2010 desert dance events.


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