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Purposes and Goals of MoreLife

Achieving More Life - in a nutshell

Liberty: The Primary Social Requirement for Life
Improved 2/27/2012 The Self-Sovereign Individual Project

Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction
The Natural Social Contract
Social Preferencing: The Ultimate Effector of Social Order

New 2/27/12 Social Networks - Freedom Enhancers or Internet Ghettos?
Update 2/27/12 Voting - Now and For a New Social System?
New 7/22/11 Just Another State In The Making?
New 7/21/11 Abandoning a Fundamental Principle of Liberty to Justify Mortgage Default
Update 7/22/11 Are Principles Unaffordable?
Update 7/22/11 WikiLeaks: What can one person do to help?
Tax/Regulation Protests are Not Enough: Relationship of Self-Responsibility and Social Order

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