Paul & Kitty's Previous Supper Meals

Note: This page contains the information regarding supper when Kitty and Paul Antonik Wakfer were consuming 3 meals daily. Much of this page is in the original arrangement of September 2006, with updating taking place on occasion when it seems warranted. For the current meal practice of 1 meal daily - which often includes some of the meal ideas seen here, please see our summary Diet Regimen page.

Prior to our change in January 2006 to only 2 meals daily, supper for us was what many others think of as "lunch". Rather than move portions of this section out into the 2 meals we were eating daily, Kitty (and Paul) wanted readers to see how we previously ate the 3rd and last meal of the day. It should be kept in mind that most of these meal ideas - especially the soups and salads - were utilized periodically in our 2nd of 2 meals daily and now in our single meal daily.

In fact, both of us often would "slip" and say "lunch" when referring to our third meal of our cycle. With our return to 24-hour days as a regular course in May 2005, our supper meal servings were considerably smaller than those shown in the photos below which were taken when we were living 6 28-hour cycles in a week. When it is quite warm or we had a fairly large meal the day before or we just feel in the mood, we make one of these cold items our main meal (lunch) and then choose for supper a small selection among those listed under Snacks.

Veggie replacement for salad From mid November 2002 until sometime in 2005, we were on a salad "sabbatical" for much of the time; a rest from the mix described below. Instead, we would most of the time simply prepare a large plate of the individual ingredients and eat them as one often does at a party. (Click on thumbnails of typical shared plates to enlarge.) Veggie plate w/ grilled cheese & tomato
There is something uniquely enjoyable about the distinct tastes of the individual vegetables themselves, though we do eat them along with typically two of the protein sources below.

Typical protein sources eaten with salad or assorted mixed raw vegetables:

  • Sardines
  • Soft or hardboiled eggs
  • Eggs with some or all of bean sprouts, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper and cheese, scrambled or omelette, topped w/ salsa
  • Eggs, scrambled with spinach, onions, and mushrooms as filling in 1/2 pita each (below)
  • Tuna, mixed with water in the can spread on rye bread or flaked into salad
  • Grilled open face cheese sandwich topped with tomato slice
  • Mackerel in tomato sauce
  • Nuts - specifically walnuts, brazils and almonds - and hemp first pressing extrusions
  • Chicken or turkey leftovers, cubed into salad or eaten on the side
  • Swiss, cheddar, champagne, cottage cheeses, and Russian rye breadSlices of swiss and cheddar cheese (New Zealand or other free range sources, when available)
  • Low fat cottage cheese (Nancy's brand is the best available to us Arizona, or even Ontario if it were there - delightful tangy taste), plain or with diced green onion

  • Tuna Tabouli salad
  • Tabouli mix "enhanced" with canned tuna, garbonzos, chopped onion, olive oil, wine vinegar and lots of finely chopped fresh parsley. Often a substitute for a hot salmon meal in the summer; this serving for Paul is sufficient without anything additional. (Tabouli, a middle eastern salad is great and Kitty was introduced to it when we lived in Toronto.

  • Movie watching tray - Cheese  on rye, cottage cheese & veggiesCheddar cheese on rye with pickle slice
  • Skim milk cottage cheese with salsa. (Kitty likes more green chile salsa than the typical tomato version). When we remember to cook them, we add garbanzos too.

  • Fresh Berry Salad w/ Kefir and skim milk cottage cheese; Paul's is the larger serving on the left
  • Berry Salad made using fresh strawberries, blueberries and kiwi over low fat cottage cheese (we used skim cottage cheese previously from Global Cheese in Kensington Market in Toronto - just delicious) mixed with yogurt or kefir (the Pinehedge Farms kefir brand we formerly bought when living in Toronto) Kitty uses sometimes at breakfast. When cantaloupes are reasonably priced we add cut-up pieces of this too. This combination is soooo good on a summer day or night when we just can't manage anything more! It's also a great desert.

  • Update 5/11/10 Prior to November 2002, our meal 3rd meal consisted of a large salad with protein from a variety of sources, sometimes bouillon, and a small amount of bread.
    Basic Salad (updated and part of our 1 extended meal eaten on 2 out of 3 days):

    The last 4 above are added just before eating.

    Additions to the basic salad depending on availability and mood:

    Salad was originally mixed in a batch large enough for 3 days, divided into 6 plastic sealable containers (our bowl-like 600g frozen blueberry containers work great, keeping salad air-tight) from which we ate the salad directly. Sprouts, garbonzos and salad dressing were applied only at the time of eating. Currently, all items, except the 4 noted above (and the garbonzos when included), are usually made in a quantity for 2 days.

    Update 5/15/10

    Do It Yourself Salad Dressings

    Tom's Salad Dressing (early days)

    Ingredients are estimated rather than measured and therefore the finished product is a little different every time. Enough is mixed by hand in a small jar for 3 days.

    Sometimes, as a change or if we had run out of made-up dressing, we just topped our salad with cottage cheese and sprinkles of olive oil and wine vinegar.

    Paul's Salad Dressing

    As with the dressing that we used in our early days, the quantities are estimated and sometimes not included and substitutes used instead. Therefore it never tastes quite the same.

    Since 2009 we've been using a pint mason jar on a blender for making our salad dressing. The thread on these type jars fit the screw base of many blenders providing a way to blend small quantities - we did this back in 2006 when processing aloe vera in our Arizona yard but had been making smaller quantities of salad dressing until more recently. (This is not the same blender with which Paul has been making his smoothie when we are in Arizona since 2008 - that one has a unique arrangement incorporating the blades into the container and has a more powerful blending capability than other blenders to date.)

    Seem to have all the ingredients and equipment - start with cottage cheesePaul adds apple cider vinegar near the endBlended consistency is just rightKitty remembered the fresh parsley - so in it goesAnother round on the blender and all is ready

    Some additional comments regarding supper:

    Soups - Hot and Cold

    Cold weather is Soup weather from as far back as Kitty can remember; her father was terrific at making soups out of whatever was left-over or on sale - something I think he learned from his father who had a special Easter soup of strange set of combinations. Here are two summarized "recipes" for ones we originally made lately to serve as the main protein source for several supper meals, but have also used for our 2nd or *main* meal:

    Black Bean Lentil Vegetable Barley Soup

    The onion and garlic are sauteed (browned) lightly in olive oil or coconut butter, portion of spices added (rest later to taste). Add remaining raw vegetables to sauteed mixture, then beans, lentils, and barley. Add water and bring to boil; lower temperature to simmer, stirring periodically to ensure that it does not stick to bottom. Add additional water and spices as desired. Continue to cook at low temperature until all vegetables and beans are soft.

    We pureed individual servings of this soup, because Paul really enjoys thick "undisturbed" soups. Kitty eats it both ways. We both like it with lots of cumin flavor, a popular Middle Eastern spice. Makes lots of servings and freezes fine.

    Mixed Bean Vegetable Barley Soup

    The onion and garlic are sauteed (browned) lightly in olive oil or coconut butter, portion of spices added (rest later to taste). Add remaining raw vegetables (except tomatoes) to sauteed mixture, then beans and barley. Add water and bring to boil; lower temperature to simmer, stirring periodically to insure that it does not stick to bottom. Add tomatoes during this period. Continue to cook at low temperature until all vegetables and beans are soft.

    Paul originally preferred this soup pureed also but has come to enjoy having it as Kitty does, chewing the moderate-sized soft pieces. Makes lots of servings and freezes fine.

    Hot weather is good for soup too - if it's a cold one.

    Super Nutritious Gazpacho

    Put all ingredients - pre-chopped if desired - EXCEPT garbanzos into a blender and blend to desire consistency. Add garbanzos. Chill well before eating. Yummy way to have vegetables on a hot day. The garbanzos are not enough protein, so we have cheese and/or sardines for a complete easy meal without any cooking.

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