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Kitty's Nutritional Supplement Regimen Changes - Historical

Here are the reasons for any deletions, additions, and modifications to my nutritional supplement regimen after 03/01/2001.

3/06/01 Found strong evidence today that niacin induces insulin resistance in healthy individuals. Decided to alter regimen by replacing all Hi Niacin LE Mix with Lo Niacin.
3/06/01 Melatonin 3mg replaces Natural Sleep (Melatonin 5 mg) to reduce drowsiness on awakening.
3/10/01 Idebenone: typographical error on dosage; has been 1/2 tab
3/25/01 Breakfast powders: Have been enjoying amaranth as my breakfast for past month. 1/2 C is cooked in 2 C water with 6 apricots cut into small pieces and a handful of raisins. 1/3 of quantity is eaten immediately after powders are mixed thoroughly, topped w/ fresh or frozen fruit, but always blueberries. The remainder is used for the next 2 days breakfast.
3/27/01 Glucosol: failure to include in writing; have been taking as now listed since 10/00
4/3/01 Lithium reduced from 2 x daily after 10 months.
4/6/01 Age increase; birthday.
4/18/01 Links to Libertarian Solutions deleted until their website contains descriptions.
4/30/01 Corrected Silibinin typo; has been taken 2 x daily.
Raised Metformin, dosage to equal Tom after no problem signs.
Deleted Only Trace Minerals because of excess manganese, and unnecessary extra zinc.
Added chromium and vanadyl sulfate to make up for that removed by above deletion.
Corrected typo on dosage of Super MiraForte.
Cell Forte to be taken on empty stomach for probable better absorption.
Replaced Tyrosine+ and B6 powder with Tyrosine and Pyridoxamine.
Added Chloroplex for copper, carotenoid complex, and chlorophyl.
Split daily cocktail into 2 servings for more even distribution of nutrients.
5/22/01 Typographical error corrected.
5/25/01 Idebenone purchased from Vitamin Research Products; no deep link possible - info available with search.
CranMax reduction since no cystitis has occurred for months, and the least prophylactic dosage necessary is best.
6/06/01 Note 4) for clarification.
Centrophenoxine, Deprenyl, Pikamilone, Piracetam purchased from Cellcare for significant monetary savings; no direct deep link possible - info available with further link.
Link to Libertarian Solutions re-established; supplement descriptions again available.
6/15/01 Note 2) modified.
Schedule modified to allow sleeping during cooler hours and to evaluate restfulness compared to 28 hour schedule.
Started Pyridoxamine (anti-glycation inhibitor) since other B6 forms (major item tyrosine +) eliminated.
6/22/01 Began taking hydergine for its potential to increase brain blood flow and oxygenation.
7/1/01 Started American Ginseng prior to meals because evidence that it lowers postprandial glucose peak.
7/17/01 Eliminated links to Cellcare (Centrophenoxine, Deprenyl, Pikamilone, Piracetam) and Libertarian Solutions (Aminoguanidine, KH3, Metformin/Glucophage, Pyritinol) both of which have not completed shipment of 6/4/01 orders, have not responded to e-mail communications, and appear to have fallen prey to local government officials. New sources of these supplements are under investigation.
Split aminoguanidine to half, twice daily since tablet splits easily and less concentration should have less harmful effects.
Doubled pikamilone dose after initial low startup showed no ill effects and split to twice daily. Other smart drugs doubled by same logic.
9/09/01 Separated daily pre-breakfast powders into 2 groups -
1) a meal cocktail which is probably best taken in a distributed fashion to maintain at a constant level, is not harmed by being taken with food and may even be digested better, and may even prevent harmful oxidation and glycation reactions in the food during digestion; and
2) a morning potion which may be best when taken on an empty stomach.
Increased Rhodiola extract to 200 mg daily as planned divided into 3 meal cocktails.
Started Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride (ALT-711) to reverse glycation damage ("break" AGEs).
Started Turmeric in meal cocktail and sometimes as spice with food. This was to replace the curcumin capsules which were discontinued because I don't want to take the piperine.
Reduced CranMax from 2x daily in order to determine minimum amount necessary for cystitis prophylaxis.
Changed nighttime Choline Chloride with B5 (no longer available) to Choline Bitartrate and added 250 mg B5 to it.
Included Perilla Oil and Only Trace Minerals; failure to include in error (have been taking).
9/28/01 Replaced Melatonin 3mg with Natural Sleep (Melatonin 5mg); no drowsiness noted on awakening.
Reduced Max EPA to those days when salmon not eaten in main meal.
Changed Ester C to between meals and bedtime to spread more evenly through day with 1000mg in LEF Mix at each meal.
10/7/01 Increased Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride (ALT-711) towards goal of 1mg/kg.
Clarified Astaxanthin as 2%.
10/27/01 Added "generic" to (ALT-711) - Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride for clarification because, while the substance we are taking appears to be identical chemically to what Alteon has named "ALT-711", it is not made by Alteon. Provided link to LEF Forums thread about this chemical.
Started Brite Eyes to hopefully reduce age-related vision changes and to assist prevention of age-related degenerative eye diseases.
Added ProFem to list though have been using for about 22 months.
Added acarbose (generic name for Precose in US and Prandase in Canada - a prescription glucosidase inhibitor; obtained from cooperative physician) before each meal to slow carbohydrate digestion and reduce post-prandial glucose/insulin rise.
Deleted aminoguanidine from regimen because its overall value is considered negative now that I am taking pyridoxamine.
Deleted hydergine, KH3, phenytoin from regimen because of considerations related to difficulty of purchase and lack of evidence of benefit for life extension purposes.
Revised Note 2 back from "summer schedule".
11/5/01 Increased Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride (generic ALT-711) to goal of 1mg/kg.
12/4/01 Started N-tert-butyl hydroxylamine (NtBHA) at 15 mg daily towards goal of 1/2 mg/kg daily.
Reduced Acarbose to relieve intestinal cramping.
Temporarily deleted L-carnosine and Chronoforte because of sinus problems which high dose carnosine may be causing by increasing histamine release. Added 500 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine at breakfast and lunch to replace that part of the Chronoforte.
Sports Ginseng supply exhausted; taking American Ginseng for its serum glucose reducing effects since 7/1
12/20/01 Provided links to Research Chemical page of MoreLife for Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride (generic ALT-711), N-tert-butyl hydroxylamine (NtBHA), and Pyridoxamine for benefits.
Increased NtBHA to 30 mg daily which is our desired dosage goal for now.
Increased generic ALT-711 to 90 mg daily (1.5 mg/kg) which is a 50% increase above our original goal to see if any effects can be detected.
Rearranged timing of American ginseng and glucosol to consolidate pre-meal supplements and promote schedule adherence.
Updated prior changes not already complete.
Increased Brite-Eyes to maximum recommended dose since no changes noted and to utilize more liquid before expiration date. Discarded first bottle after 5 weeks when stinging of eyes occurred with instillation.
12/21/01 Provided link to Research Chemical page of MoreLife for Pyridoxamine.
12/28/01 Links provided to IAS (International Anti-Aging Systems) new source of Metformin, Lucidril and Piracetam
Deleted Pikamilone; insufficient evidence that cost-benefit ratio for LE is sufficient for the expense and difficulty of purchase.
Deleted Acarbose to relieve continuing intestinal cramping.
1/6/02 Added Bacopa and L-Pyroglutamic Acid to meal cocktail. Bacopa has considerable research support of benefit for brain health, and pyroglutamic acid is a "smart drug" with cholinergic function which may have some of the effects of piracetam with which it is chemically similar.
Moved Taurine from pre-breakfast drink to meal cocktail to distribute more evenly through day.
Changed Niacinamide from tablet to powder.
Clarified in Note 4 that no association exists with suppliers nor remuneration received for providing links to source of our supplements.
1/17/02 Corrected Note 1 to include use of gram scale for measuring powders; has been done this way since Kitty's joining with Tom. Note on his-regimen has been correct.
Increased BHT from 100 mg to 200 mg daily based on recent positive abstracts and its low toxicity.
Corrected BHT volume measurement - typographical error (this had not affected our intake since we always weighed).
Returned to use of CDP Choline which was removed from Cognitex some time ago, after a list of abstracts was posted (LEF Forums link currently unavailable) showing its great value independent of other choline forms.
1/23/02 Added to Note 1 link to powder density data vs. label information.
Resumed Chrono-Forte at reduced amount for desired Carnosine content; will be watching for any significant increase in sinus congestion.
1/29/02 Created a new Note 3 and feature for most recent changes.
2/6/02 Corrected Meal Cocktail to include Niacinamide as for Tom's; I was taking it, but it was omitted from the text here in error. Also removed Niacinamide from tablet/pill section which was still there in error.
Broke links to BAC. Will seek new source of supplements previously obtained from BAC as supply is exhausted. Although Tom (as Paul Wakfer) has been a customer of BAC for 20 years, the recent response by Erik Cochrane BAC VP (Google post from Kitty Antonik Wakfer 2/4/02) demonstrates a company attitude that we can not support with our business.
2/10/02 Created links to Powder Mixing portion of Supplements in Practice page of website
Corrected 12/4 Change to include deleting of Sports Ginseng at that time.
Deleted NADH; insufficient evidence that cost-benefit ratio for LE is sufficient for the expense. Also taking Niacinamide which is a precursor.
2/18/02 Adjusted Morning Potion table: volumes to reflect measured densities as reported; weights of Rutin, Folic Acid, Hesperidin, Lysine, and Tyrosine brought to even amounts for simplification.
Adjusted Meal Cocktail table: volumes to reflect measured densities as reported; weight of Taurine brought to even amount for simplification.
Note 1 modified to include change in powder volumes.
Note 4 * changed to **.
Removed Pyroglutamic Acid when supply ran out because we had now received more piracetam.
Changed Chloroplex to bid from tid because I eat so many vegetables plus lutein and other mixed carotenoids.
Removed Ester C from table of meal supplements to reflect 9/28/01 Change.
Changed Grape Seed-Skin Extract to Grape Seed Extract to reflect LEF product change.
Discontinued Indole-3-Carbinol because I eat so many cruciferous vegetables.
Discontinued acarbose because of high price/prescription and taking many other glucose reducing chemicals.
Adjusted all Before Bed powder measurements to reflect measured densities as reported
3/03/02 Major formatting changes for improved user intra-site accessibility.
Added Biotin and Creatine to Meal cocktail. Biotin helps with insulin resistance and is inhibited by alpha lipoic acid. Creatine is a direct source of energy for mitochondria, bypassing some of the preparatory steps.
Discontinued Ester C with between meal snacks, only; An epidemiological study has found that "normal to high serum ascorbic acid levels were associated with an approximately two-fold increased risk of cancer deaths among women."R
Added Vitamin D-3; research evidence as anti-carcinogenic, beneficial for calcium metabolism, and not toxic in doses up to 2000 IU daily.
3/08/02 Corrected link to Kyolic Garlic Formula 102
Provided missing reason for Vitamin D3 addition on 3/03/02
Added weight apportioned dosage for Morning Potion.
3/18/02 DHEA removed from Regimen listing. New personal stock supply seized by Canada Customs at border as being in violation of Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Schedule IV 23. Anabolic steroids and their derivatives including: (36) Prasterone (3▀--hydroxyandrost--5--en--17--one) (Schedule I to IV Synonyms; no longer available 12/21/03). Part 1 Offense and Punishment.(7); penalty of CDN$770 imposed for the return of vehicle from which DHEA was seized.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine removed from Regimen listing. New personal stock of Acetyl-L-Carnitine seized and forced to be "abandoned" as a substance in Part I of Schedule F of the Food and Drug Regulations, which are forbidden to be sold in Canada. Consolidation of the Food and Drugs Act and of the Food and Drug Regulations. (download .pdf on Act and Part A Administration) No specific text found regarding prohibition against possession of acetyl-l-carnitine; law allows great latitude for creation of new regulations "respecting the importation of foods, drugs, cosmetics and devices in order to ensure compliance with this Act and the regulations;" (Section 30 (1)(d)). "..the Governor in council may make such regulations governing, regulating or prohibiting (a) the importation into Canada of any drug or class of drugs manufactured outside Canada," (Section 30 (2)).
4/15/02 Changed Age to 57; birthday.
Deleted Only Trace Minerals after deleting supply (being taken only every 3rd day due to excessive Manganese); sufficient amounts of manganese,copper, and boron in LEF Mix and Bone Assure.
Added Optizinc 30mg ad (every other day): provides zinc missing with deletion of Only Trace Minerals.
Deleted Chloroplex; sufficient quantities of vegetables and other vegetable supplements eaten daily.
Moved Cat's Claw extract from Morning Potion to lunch supplements; replacement found in capsule only.
Reduced Natural Sleep to eliminate morning grogginess.
Moved Acetyl-L-Carnitine to morning to reduce wakefulness at night.
Added Aminoguanidine to Meal Cocktail.
Added R(+) alpha lipoic acid to Meal Cocktail.
Removed Super Alpha Lipoic Acid from each meal and bedtime, and increased Biotin in Meal Cocktail to compensate for loss from capsules.
6/8/02 Corrected stated Folic Acid (10%) measured quantity from 40mg to correspond to actual amount taken since site beginning.
Deleted Udo's Choice as "cost measure"; replaced with Flax seed ground daily. (See Breakfast)
Corrected Magnesium Oxide (60%) quantity from 500mg to actual amount taken since change 02/01
Increased NtBHA from 1 mg/kg) to 1.5 mg/kg
Increased generic ALT-711 from 1.5 mg/kg to 2 mg/kg
Removed Chloroplex from list; had been deleted in April per Change 4/9/02
Removed Indole-3-Carbinol from list; had been deleted in February per Change 2/18/02
Removed Mega Lycopene from list; deleted in March because we already take Super Lycopene which contains other carotenoids in addition to lycopene and we eat plenty of tomato products also.
Removed Ester C from bedtime supplements list to reflect Change 9/28/01
Increased time before meals for taking American Ginseng based on re-reading the study where it lowered post-prandial glycemia.
Deleted Brite Eyes; found it difficult to remember to take and did not detect any changes after 2 bottles.
Corrected dosage of Cat's Claw to agree with new product; new link provided.
Increased dosage of Metformin to 500 mg twice daily from 250 mg twice daily to reduce fasting glucose, increase insulin sensitivity and decrease between meals gluconeogenesis.
Modified Note 4 to remove reference to supplier link visible in taskbar; use of Javascript has eliminated this feature.
Corrected Lithium chemical to carbonate. I have never taken the chloride form.
Changed amount of jointly mixed powders taken to 80% from 90% to be in line with current weight, and realization that amount of nutrients taken should be proportionate to lean body mass, not total mass. It is one of the advantages of powders that they allow finer adjustability.
7/6/02 Bacopa supply exhausted; insufficient evidence that cost-benefit ratio for LE is sufficient to warrant locating new source.
Deleted Chondroitin from regular usage because it may promote insulin resistanceR; It will be used only acutely for joint discomfort.
Reduced DHEA to 25mg once a day because of breast cancer promotion concerns until lab work is done.
Reduced Lithium frequency to every other day; there are no signs of need for it anymore.
Added Calcium Glucarate; a new anti-cancer agentR1, R2 available from LEF.
Added Oil of Oregano; a potent food antioxidantR and antimicrobialR.
Added Nettle Leaf Extract; because of its potent anti-inflammatory effectsR.
Added MGN-3; for anticancer immunotherapeutic benefitsR.
Niacinamide in meal cocktail replaced with capsules obtained in local health food store; name brands depending on price.
9/9/02 Astaxanthin in meal cocktail replaced with capsules R1 R2 R3
Reinstituted Chondroitin twice a day to eliminate aching joints in two fingers of both hands and large toe on left foot.
Added Calcium Pyruvate to enhance mitochondrial energy output R1 R2 R3
Replaced Chromium tablets with Citrichrome to avoid confiscation by Health Canada
Replaced Cognitex w/ Pregnenolone to w/o version to avoid confiscation by Health Canada; increased dosage to 2 each meal in accord with new version
Added Cordyceps R1 R2
Discontinued Damiana from breakfast powders until a new source found
Added Gamma E Tocopherol/Tocotrienols (new studies showing more benefits R
Increased Glucosol to before supper as well as breakfast to aid in lowering blood sugar
Added Inosine to meal cocktail R1 R2
Replaced Ipriflavone powder with capsules
Reduced MGN-3 to 1 capsule before meals after 3 weeks as recommended by mfg
Added L-Pyroglutamic Acid R
Added Chelated Molybdenum Rpp 292-293
Added Zeaxanthin w/ lutein
Eliminated ChronoForte (to eliminate the racemic alpha lipoic acid. All its other ingredients are now taken separately)
Increased Optizinc to every day (to replace that lost from Chronoforte)
Increased Nettle Leaf to before each meal (to replace that lost from Chronoforte)
Increased Acetyl-L-Carnitine to 3x a day (to replace that lost from Chronoforte)
Added Super Carnosine at 2x per day (to replace that lost from Chronoforte)
Created Separate Change Record Page for improved readability
Created print page breaks on Regimen page for separate page printing - select "frames individually"
11/18/02 Reduced Chondroitin to once or twice daily (depending on perceived need) to minimize the amount required to eliminate periodic aching of fingers and left shoulder.
Added cider vinegar to meal cocktail. Though there is no evidence of benefit, there is also no evidence of harm in moderation and it makes the meal cocktail far more palatable.
Added vegetable juice as option to tomato juice for breakfast potion and meal cocktail. Gives variety of flavor and perhaps additional carotenoids.
Started Brite Eyes II (about 10/10/02). We have also now stopped use of Brite Eyes II (11/16/02). With pretty intensive use, no benefit was found and there is some controversy within the supplement industry, over whether the N-acetyl-L-carnosine is being converted to carnosine in the eye at all. (NALC has no value by itself).
Decreased Lithium to every three days; continue to handle periodic high levels of stress without any tendency towards mania.
Increased Oil of Oregano to 2 drops. The use of apple cider vinegar allows this amount to still be palatable.
Increased R+ alpha Lipoic Acid from 300mg daily. More and more evidence of special benefit pours in, so we decided that a little more would be better.
Added SE-Methylselenocysteine. A unique and possibly less toxic selenium containing amino acid which is the major selenocompound in selenium enriched plants such as garlic, onions, broccoli florets and sprouts, and wild leeks.
Exhausted Rhodiola powder; replaced with tablets.
Increased Acetyl-L-carnitine to 4 times/day by adding bedtime dose. This increases the dosage to 2 grams daily. There is increasing evidence that the original concern about high moderate amounts being potentially pro-oxidant was incorrect.
Corrected Super Carnosine to twice daily on list per Change 9/9/02.
Deleted Niacinamide supplementation because of growing conflict about potential benefit versus harm. Plan to resume using Hi-Niacin LEF Mix as current Lo-Niacin supply is used up.
Added paragraph to Notes Introduction regarding contents of list as goal vs current usage
12/01/02 The following changes have been made as a result of analysis of Kitty's recent complete set of blood tests. The regimen has not yet been changed because these alterations are only being made for experimental purposes until another set of tests in three months and, thus, they are not the stabilized best estimation of what should be taken at the present time.

For kidneys and homocysteine: Cease taking Lithium carbonate. Double dose of B12, folate and taurine. Cease taking aminoguanidine (it binds with B6). Already increased the daily dosage of RLA.
For additional anti-inflammatory effect: Double intake of SuperMax EPA. Add LEF's DHA/GLA as soon as available and delete Mega GLA. Increase daily aspirin dose to 200 mg.
For hormone modification: Double dosage of DHEA, Natural Estrogen, Mega Soy, and Natural Sleep (melatonin). Cease taking Pregnenolone.
2/28/04 Since the 12/01/02 entry, Kitty experienced a ureteral calculi (removed during cystoscopy) in January 2003 and a manic episode at the end of September (lasting till mid-October) following no sleep for several days and the intellectual hyper-interest stress of a biogerontological anti-aging convention. (See entries in Kitty Reflects on MoreLife for details.) The following changes have been made as a result of the above and analysis of Kitty's March and May 2003 and Jan 2004 blood tests.
With respect to the temporary changes noted in the 12/01/02 entry here is the current disposition of those supplements:
Kitty was weaned off Lithium carbonate completely by Feb 2003; at this time she is again in a slow weaning off process after a restart at the time of the manic episode, but since there is evidence that lithium is neuroprotective this time she will continue taking 150 mg every other third day. This will give her about 14 mg of lithium daily which is about right for the neuroprotective effect and may be somewhat preventative of mania without giving her the dulling mental effects of a higher dose.
Reinstated Pregnenolone - we now think that the high estradiol test was a mistake and Kitty is taking this again to boost her DHEA, testosterone and estrogens
Increased Super Max EPA - because decreased number of salmon meals, recommendations of LEF and Twinlab for increased dosage, and increased scientific evidence of benefit for EPA particularly for preventing mania.
Returned Melatonin, B12, folate, taurine, and Mega Soy to prior dosages.
Restarted Aminoguanidine because the best evidence now shows that aminoguanidine inhibits glycation by different mechanisms than other chemicals and is likely quite safe if as least 3 times by weight of B6 is taken with it.
Started LEF's DHA/GLA - for increased anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects but only at half recommended dosage because EPA, DHA and GLA are also taken in other supplements.
Continued to take Mega GLA.
The increased daily aspirin dose of 200 mg has become permanent.
Double dosage of DHEA has become permanent to boost Kitty's DHEA, testosterone and estrogen levels.
Natural Estrogen was slightly reduced to 3 a day for anti-hormone cancer effects.
Added Silymarin to Silibinin+ - for extra liver protection since it is not totally proven that all the benefits of silymarin are included in silibinin and partly because of Kitty's earlier elevated BUN.

The following are additional changes implemented at various times during 2003:
Increased Arginine - produces nitric oxide for vasodilation, promotes wound healing, collagen protection and anti-glycation.
Forskolin (additionally w/ each meal) - bedtime pills and powders are often missed and there is evidence that forskolin may be valuable for many health and antiaging axes.
Added ginger to breakfast powders - ginger has been shown to promote insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose.
Added LEF Mix w/ Niacin - this because of new evidence that niacin is beneficial and better than niacinamide which may even be somewhat harmful.
Added Inositol hexanicotinate - this no-flush niacin form allows an increase of Niacin to a total of over 1 gram daily.
Added Regimint - helps with digestive motility and Kitty was often slightly constipated in spite of lots of fiber.
Added EUK-189 (ramping up slowly to 30 mg daily) - this is a new Super Oxide Dismutase mimetic that we are trying out.
Added Resveratrol - because it is now available and has excellent evidence of benefit.
Added 4-Androstenediol to boost Kitty's testosterone and libido.
Reduced generic ALT-711 - latest trials show that a little less may be better.
Reduced Phosphatidylserine - both to reduce cost burden on LEF and because 100 mg is included in Cognitex.
Reduced Low Niacin LEF Mix - because we increased the Mix with niacin.
Eliminated Centrophenoxine (Lucidril) - difficult and expensive to procure and with no recent evidence, value for a very healthy person relative to other chemicals taken is questionable.
Eliminated Idebenone - found studies which indicate it might have a negative effect in mitochondria.
Eliminated Huperzine A - may over-inhibit acetylcholinesterase, might particularly be contraindicated for a person with manic tendencies and no needed by a very mentally health person.
Eliminated Gugulmax - no longer carried by LEF, and not sufficient evidence of value to seek a full price source.
Eliminated extra Niacinamide - per reason given above with respect to adding LE Mix with Niacin.
Eliminated Chelated Molybdenum - because LE Mix already contains it.
Eliminated OptiZinc - merely because we are getting 50+ mg from all other supplements and food sources.
Eliminated Pyritinol - decided that it was not worth the expense and procurement difficulty at this time.
Replaced Oil of Oregano drops with capsules - merely because LEF discontinued the drops.
Replaced L-Lysine, Inosine and Taurine powder with capsules - merely for ease of use, to reduce Kitty's powder mixing burden.
Replaced Cognitex w/Pregnenolone to form w/o
Included skin care products under Topicals for completeness.
PRN Items taken when "under the weather" added for completeness.
3/28/04 Increased Cran-Max to each meal as preventative measure against urinary tract infection.
Added Policosanol - to maintain low serum low density lipoprotein (LDL) levels and raise high density lipoproteins (HDL).
Amplified Note 2 for 24 hour days and corresponding supplement schedule.
Correction to show Benfotiamine in meal cocktail, started in July 2003 and increased gradually to present dose.
Correction to reason for usage of Regimint - ensures soft stool as added measure in healing anal abrasion (occurred summer 2002), now virtually healed w/o surgical intervention (advised by GP MD).
Revision to reason for ginger usage - Has been shown to lower the average blood glucose level and cause a decrease in serum cholesterol, serum triglyceride and blood pressure in diabetic animal models. Has been shown to significantly reduce platelet aggregation and prevented the decrease of fibrinolytic activity after a fatty meal in human volunteers.
4/30/04 Changes corrected to note Pyridoxamine dosage increase in Meal Cocktail - made Fall 2003 with elimination of other sources.
Changes corrected to record Turmeric increase made Spring of 2003 - based on more evidence of benefit and low rate of absorption.
Corrected approximate volume quantities to correspond with actual weights (based on calibrated densities)for Folic Acid, Herbal Mix, Rutin, Biotin.
Corrected missing Olive Leaf Extract - has been taken regularly as shown for most of period since early 2001.
Corrected missing Inosine capsules - replaced powder per 2/28/04 Changes.
Corrected by removing Ester C from mid-day and evening as stated in 6/8/02 and 3/3/02 Changes.
Clarified L-Pyroglutamic Acid before breakfast and supper.
Changes corrected to note that Silymarin not added to regimen in addition to Silibinin +; dosage of Silibinin + was instead increased from bid to tid in Dec 2002 and remains at that level. 180 mg silymarin contained in 3 capsules of Silibinin + considered sufficient.
Resveratrol once daily changed to with breakfast because of its need to be taken with quercitin for full effectiveness (see MoreLife Yahoo discussion).
Reduced quantity of GLA/DHA when high reported CRP found to be in error.
All ingredients from Morning Potion moved to Meal Cocktail, except L-arginine and L-tyrosine, thus providing distribution throughout the day and reducing powder mixing task.
Reduced Lithium Carbonate to once every third day.
Ceased Calcium w/ Vitamin D - stock inadvertently left in AZ.
Increased Micronized Creatine because of increasing evidence of benefit for the brain.
Added new source for BHT.
Numerous product link updates.
8/8/04 Added Oil of Cilantro - because of its benefits as an antibacterial and heavy metal chelator and its now being available from LEF.
Added Vitamin B-2 capsules - Riboflavin is basic to so many biochemical processed that it was decided to take a little extra from a separate source.
Increased Indole-3-Carbinol and Resveratrol by replacing the plain I3C with Indole-3-Carbinole w/ Resveratrol - I3C was increased because of increasing evidence of prevention of many forms of cancer (particularly sex hormone related cancers) and the fact that 3,3'-diindolymethane (DIM) while being a derivative of I3C, is clearly not the only beneficial such molecule. This new product was used in order to take more resveratrol also in a distribute fashion.
Increased Micronized Creatine - because of increasing evidence of brain benefitR.
Increased generic EUK-189 to target dose.
Increased R-alpha lipoic acid - to the level used in recent positive animal experimentsR1, R2
Increased frequency of Super K - on the basis of increasing evidence for benefit and lack of evidence of harm. Also because the LEF product contains both kinds of K.
Reduced DMAE - we are using this product partly as a replacement for centrophenoxine (of which it is a major part) and reduced the dosage after noticing that DMAE is only about 1/3 the molecular weight of centrophenoxine.
Reduced Super CoQ-10 - a rat study showed extended lifespan with a human equivalent dosage of about 60 mg/day and a previous LEF study had showed no lifespan extension in mice with a higher dosage.
Reduced Melatonin - Kitty sometimes felt groggy in the morning.
Replaced SuperMax EPA/DHA (liquid) with Mega DHA/EPA (capsules) - taken daily with meals will eliminate occasional forgetting to take liquid on "no fish" days (and the taste of the liquid which Kitty finds unpleasant).
Replaced source of Cat's Claw; no longer available from LEF.
Replaced source of No-flush Niacin; now available from LEF.
Replaced Piracetam tablets with powder as cost saving.
Replaced Super Lycopene with Mega Lycopene - LEF no longer carrying the Super version.
Resumed taking OptiZinc - many animal results suggested that 80-90 mg daily was a beneficial and unharmful dosage.
10/15/04 Added unhulled hemp seeds - high source of protein and omega-6 fatty acids.R
Replaced MGN-3 with AHCC; same amount of mycelia extract in fewer capsules. Change made by LEF.
Moved Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) and Choline Bitartrate from bedtime to morning before breakfast because it may have been negatively affecting Kitty's sleep and "energizing" nutrients are needed by Paul in the morning.
Adjusted L-Arginine volume measurement with new shipment to maintain approximate desired amount by weight.
Modified Note 2) - 24 Hour days.
11/3/04 Modified presentation of Meal cocktail to make more clear what is the daily amount of each item taken.
Modified BHT mixture in Meal Cocktail by dissolving it in 20 days total of 375 ml of olive oil and apportioning into juice with powders. This was done because the BHT crystals as mixed with the other powders did not dissolve in the tomato juice/olive oil/ powder mixture, which caused some of it to remain as crystals adhering to the glass after one drank the "cocktail" and thus, not always get ingested.
Modified presentation of Lithium Carbonate to make more clear the daily amount taken.
2/5/05 Note: The vast majority of the changes below resulted from numerous product changes by LEF from which we get most of our supplements free under a long-standing payout agreement (See Note 3).) We have not changed our minds in any major manner concerning the supplement ingredients that we wish to take.

Added R-dihydrolipoic acid capsules; since R-ALA is now available from LEF. We think this unoxidized form will be oxidized during digestion and will give no additional benefit over what we have been taking for years, but it also will not be worse.
Added Curcumin with Bioperine; curcumin is so beneficial that we decided to take the chance on the effect of Bioperine on the P450 enzymes, in order to get more curcumin absorbed.
Added Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer w/ SODzyme; this is a multi-nutrient capsule that replaces all of our carnosine, most of our acetyl-l-carnite and some of our R-ALA and benfotiamine, in addition to supplying other potentially beneficial chemicals.
Added Rosmarinic Acid Extract; in order to get more of the beneficial (antiinflammatory) effects from rosemary than can be obtained from using it as a seasoning.
Added Tribulus Terrestris; Studies show many beneficial effects for both sexes.
Added Rejuvenex Body Lotion for mostly daily usage on arms and legs in dry weather.
Deleted Carnosine capsules; equivalent amount contained in new item, Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer.
Deleted Super K capsules; 10 mg daily is contained in LEF Super Booster.
Deleted LEF Mix w/ Niacin; LEF drastically reduced the amount of extra niacin in it and that made the bother of using two different products (with and without niacin) not worthwhile. We increased our No-Flush niacin to make up for the loss.
Deleted Mega Lycopene; It only contains lycopene which we now get in increased dosage from other products.
Increased amount of Folic Acid Powder due to change in mixture by LEF - was 10% pure, now only 0.13% pure - for details see MoreLife Yahoo Post 837.
Increased Chlorophyllin with Zinc to maintain zinc intake with decrease of quantity from change to Bone Restore and decrease of quantity in LEF Mix. The extra chlorophyllin is beneficial also.
Increased amount of L-Lysine taken; resulted from increased per capsule amount by LEF.
Increased amount of low niacin LEF Mix; to replace the deleted LEF Mix w/ Niacin.
Increased amount of No-Flush Niacin; to replace quantity from former and now deleted LEF Mix w/ Niacin.
Increased amount of Melatonin; no longer experiencing next morning drowsiness.
Replaced Tocotrienols with Tocotrienols w/lignans and increased to 2 a day; this is a replacement product by LEF to give better absorption, but we have increased the amount since LEF also removed the tocotrienols from all their other products.
Reduced Vitamin D3 to lunch only; because larger amounts are now contained in other LEF products.
Reduced quantity of RLA powder; with addition of R-dihydrolipoic acid and potassium R-lipate from LEF Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer.
Reduced benfotiamine; because some is contained in LEF Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer.
Reduced Methylcobalamin by eliminating lunch dose; decided there was sufficiently more in other LEF products.
Reduced Acetyl-l-carnitine capsules to night only; the rest is contained in LEF Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer.
Reduced Citrichrome; to compensate for increased chromium in LEF Mix.
Included HCA Citrimax (hydroxycitric acid); to compensate for reduction in amount from reduced Citrichrome Reduced Indole-3-Carbinol w/ Resveratrol from 3x daily to 2x; suggestion that too much might not be beneficial
Reduced Forskolin before sleep dose; to compensate for Kitty's lower weight.
Reduced Life Extension Self MicroDerm Abrasion Exfoliate usage; because too much dermal abrasion can cause aging and earlier inability of skin stem cells to divide, and therefore shorten the life of skin replenishment, even though it may make skin look currently younger.
Replaced Bone Assure with Bone Restore; this new product has more D3, more boron, less manganese, no pyridoxine, more silicon, a little more magnesium and more and a better form of calcium (all of which are good). It also has less zinc, no copper, no TMG and no folate (bad but we have replaced them elsewhere). We expect Bone Assure will soon be discontinued.
Replaced Mega EPA/DHA with Super EPA/DHA w/Lignans; this is a replacement product by LEF to give better absorption.
Replaced Mega GLA with Mega GLA w/Lignans; this is a replacement product by LEF to give better absorption.
Replaced Super Green Tea Extract with Mega Green Tea Extract; this is a replacement product by LEF.
Replaced Mega Soy Extract with Super Absorbable Soy Extract; this is a replacement product by LEF.
Replaced CoQ10 with Super Absorbable CoQ10; this is a replacement product by LEF, but it no longer contains tocotrienols.
Replaced Gamma E tocopherol w/Tocotrienols with Gamma E Tocopherol w/lignans; this is a replacement product by LEF to give better absorption, but does not include tocotrienols.
Replaced LEF Booster with Super Booster; product contains zinc, vitamin K, chlorophyllin, extra ginkgo biloba and sesame lignans, but no tocotrienols and grape seed extract.
Replaced Rejuvenex with Rejuvenex Ultra face cream; new upgraded LEF product.
Replaced LEF brand Goldenseal with Natures Plus carried by LEF; elimination of own product by LEF.
Modified amount of vinegar in meal cocktail to 20 grams; studies show this amount prevents postprandial glucose rise.
Removed toasted hemp seeds from breakfast powders; using first pressing extrusions of unhulled hemp seeds in daily snack or at supper - prefer taste straight or with prunes to being mixed in breakfast cereal.
Changed source of American Ginseng and Cat's Claw; NOW brand American Ginseng no longer available at iHerb, previous source for both.
Corrected Resveratrol entry from twice daily to once daily; we had actually already reduced this earlier when we began to take the I3C with resveratrol included.
Corrected Choline Bitartrate and Pantothenic Acid entry; now taken in morning instead of before sleep - see change note 10/15/04
Corrected Oil of Cilantro amount; lesser amount has been put into meal cocktail by Paul for Kitty, who didn't do this when she was preparing.
Clarification to amount of B5 (pantothenic acid) taken pre-breakfast; it is 1/2 of a 500 mg capsule.
Updated Note 3).
Increased amount of cocktail powder mixing to 30 day quantity to reduce frequency of mixing chore.
4/8/05 Added Ashwaghanda Root Powder to Meal Cocktail - it induces "Neuritic regeneration and synaptic reconstruction" R1, R2; and has numerous other beneficial effects on different axes of the body.
Added note regarding supplement ingredient spreadsheet with link.
Included L-Theanine "as needed" usage on regimen list - as has been used approximately the past 18 months.
Increased amount of L-Arginine from 3.2 gm and added it to meal cocktail, removing it from pre-breakfast potion - we decided that its distributed benefits were more important than the potentially GH boosting benefit of a single dose.
Increased Mega GLA w/ sesame lignans from 1 daily resulting from LEF discontinuing Super GLA/DHA.
Increased Super EPA/DHA w/ sesame lignans from 3 daily resulting from LEF discontinuing Super GLA/DHA.
Replaced Neo-Strata Uplifting Eye Cream with Rejuvenex product because of availability and high satisfaction with facial moisturizing product.
Changed LEF Super Booster from 1 Lunch to 1 Supper - this was due to changes in the LEF product line with respect to all the E vitamers in an effort to better distribute them and the other sub-parts of the Super Booster.
Changed age - birthday!
Grapeseed Extract product change by LEF now contains Resveratrol.
Deleted Super GLA/DHA because product discontinued by LEF.
Deleted Resveratrol (single item product) since it is now contained in Grapeseed extract as well as Indole-3-Carbinol.
7/4/05 Added potassium metabisulfite (obtained from wine making store) to morning meal "cocktail" for supplementary potassium in hopes of alleviating leg cramps during last hours of sleep nightly (because this was the only electrolyte for which we might be deficient. Even the small dosage of ~260 mg of potassium daily (from the 35% elemental potassium in the metabisulfite) appears to have greatly reduced their occurrence.
Reestablished Ester C at bedtime to provide more constant body level of ascorbic acid.
Increased riboflavin (B2) to 200 mg daily, to see if this helps reduce homocysteine.
Increased Deprenyl to 2/5 of 5mg tablet when Kitty turned 60.
Corrected reported Metformin dosage to 2/5 of 850 mg tablet.
Reduced Mega Green Tea from 1 each meal since each capsule is more than twice the strength of the previous version and we drink 2 to 4 large cups of green tea daily (Paul drinks more than Kitty).
Included locally purchased Probiotics which Kitty has used for the past year as part of prevention methods for recurrence of periodic urinary tract infection (UTI) (which she had for many years prior to mid-2000, but has had little since). The Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain is of particular apparent benefit for this purpose.R1, R2 There is also some statistical evidence that for women the incidence of renal calculi (kidney stones) is increased with a history of UTI.R
Replaced Olay Total Effects Intensive Restoration Treatment with LEF's Hydroderm Collagen Infusion because of availability with Note 3 Agreement.
Modified usage notation on topical items for those not done conscientiously.
Removed Benfotiamine from meal cocktail mix when we ran out of it and decided that the benfotiamine obtained in Mitochondrial Energizer was sufficient and the rest would be obtained from one extra 500 mg B1 cap daily.
Corrected the reported weight of L-Tyrosine being taken.
Indole-3-carbinol increase in resveratrol content from 7 mg to 20 mg per capsule, without any LEF product number change!
Modification of Note 2 for our return to 24 hour days.
Updated Note 3.
Linked items marked with "**" directly to Note 4 for better identification.
9/14/05 Added Arthromax at beginning of August as a result of increasing frequency of moderate pain in right ring finger proximal joint and noticeable greater size than same finger of left hand. Pain decreased considerably after two weeks and currently minor; size difference remains the same. High EPA fish intake also increased back to amount being eaten when we lived in Toronto and could get salmon regularly.
Increase taurine to 3 times 1000 mg daily as a result of recent lab tests. See discussion.
Added L-Theanine to before sleep to promote restfulness.
Replaced potassium bisulfate powder with potassium chloride purchased as water softening agent. Even large pieces dissolve easily in water when heated and stirred; added to meal cocktail separately for each meal. Amount taken also increased to original desired amount - 1 gram daily - now that source is plentiful. (No occurences of leg cramps since supplementation started).
Increased Thiamine (B1) from 500 mg twice daily to three times daily.
Increased Probiotics from once to twice daily as measure to reduce likelihood of urinary tract infection. See discussion.
Moved 500 mg Acetyl-l-Carnitine from before sleep to supper meal to reduce possible neuro exciting/sleep reducing effect.
Changed Indole 3 Carbinol to version with broccoli concentrate rather than resveratrol because LEF added resveratrol to Grapeseed extract.
Temporary hold on generic ALT-711 started with cocktail mix at beginning of August; will continue until full blood work planned for end of October with comparison to "baseline" done on 7/15/05. See discussion.
10/24/05 thru 1/10/06 Added ArthroPro - decided that a combination of ArthroPro and AthroMax might be better than all of only one.
Added Astaxanthin - this carotenoid from sea plant sources may have benefits for humans.
Added Boswell - for its antiinflammatory, antiarthritic benefits.
Added DHEA Complete as replacement for DHEA - decided to try keto-DHEA in addition to regular DHEA for its potential benefits.
Added DNA Protection Formula - for its beneficial amounts of curcumin, chlorophyllin, wasabi and broccoli extract.
Added Iron Protein Plus - only every other day, hemoglobin and iron levels indicated there might be a little deficiency.
Added Maitake SX-fraction - potential anticancer, hypoglycemic, hypotensive and immune boosting effects.
Added Natural Relief COX-2 Inhibitor w/ Nexrutine - antiinflammatory and antiarthritic.
Added PEAK ATP w/ GlycoCarn; constituent propionyl-l-carnitine in addition to acetyl-l-carnitine.
Added Primal Defense as replacement for purchased probiotics; contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain (see Changes 7/04/05).
Added Silymarin w/ Isosilybin-B - to have more complete silymarin from two sources.
Added SODZyme + GliSODin - to hopefully increase SOD in the body.
Added Only Trace Minerals taken only once every three days - to increase manganese a little.
Changed Echinacea from only as needed for when feeling "unwell" to twice daily. Mouse studies show prophylactic use is beneficial for life extension.R1, R2
Increased Aminoguinidine from 80mg to 160mg in December "cocktail".
Increased Branched Chain Amino Acids from 1 to 2 each meal - recently studies show benefit from more dietary Leucine.
Increased Lactoferrin from once to twice daily - for its immune system benefits.
Increased Olive Leaf Extract from once to twice daily - because of its benefits.
Increased OptiZinc from once every 3 days to once daily - because zinc was reduced by some other product changes.
Increased Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride (generic ALT-711) from 72 mg to 144 mg daily - after found that it had not raised liver enzymes and to see if it would have added benefits.
Increased Phosphatidylserine (PS Caps) from once to twice daily - beneficial for the brain.
Increased Pyridoxamine from 240 to 320 mg daily - for antiglycation benefit and no sign of neurotoxicity from too much B6.
Increased elemental Potassium to ~2.0 grams daily - blood tests and the occasional cramp suggest it was still not enough.
Increased Cinnamon and ginger in breakfast powders - more studies show benefits from both.
Increased amount of olive oil used to dissolve BHT from 525 to 900 ml per 30 days - for benefit of more oil daily and have a graduated bottle that size.
Reduced ArthroMax from 2 to 1 twice daily - because ArthroPro was added.
Reduced Vitamin B1 from 3 times to twice daily - a reduction for size/weight difference with Paul.
Reduced Chlorphyllin w/ Zinc from every meal to once daily - because both were in other products now.
Adjusted night powders for Kitty/Paul weight ratio and correct volumes for desired weight.
Deleted Ashwagandha root powder from Meal cocktail - sufficient amounts now present in LEF products.
Deleted Carotenoid Complex - contains too much beta carotene and I now get astaxanthin separately.
Deleted Cordyceps - no longer available thru LEF - replaced with maitake SX-fraction product.
Deleted Glycine - found out it was a major source of methylglyoxal which causes protein glycation.R (Not using up reserve quantity.)
Deleted Mega Green Tea - am already taking enough in other supplements and by drinking, too much extract is not beneficial and may increase homocysteine. (PMIDs 16037419, 16330015) (Not using up reserve quantity.)
Cognitex w/o Pregnenolone product number change by LEF to include new neuroprotective items.
CoQ10 product number change by LEF to include d-Limomene.
Super Zeaxanthin w/ Lutein number change by LEF.
Updated link for Metformin.
2/5/06 Considerable change in amounts of various supplements resulting from the decision to go to two meals per day - see Note 2. Items still taken in same amount daily but only moved to a different meal are not noted in Changes.
Decreased American Ginseng to twice daily - before each meal.
Decreased Glucotrim to twice daily - before each meal.
Decreased Nettle Leaf extract to twice daily - before each meal.
Changed SODZyme + GliSODin to before breakfast per mfgr's suggestion.
Change of Astaxanthin from 1 mg to 2 mg caps - 1 mg being discontinued by LEF and decided more was better.
Change of Healthprin name to Low Dose Aspirin by LEF.
Changed link for Deprenyl.
Added two CranMax at bedtime in order to take 4 per day, because of tendency to urinary tract infection.
Added Dual Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract w/ Resveratrol as a replacement for Indole-3-Carbinole w/ Broccoli being discontinued by LEF.
Increased Co-Q10.
Increased TMG to 6 tabs daily (taking 2 at bedtime) for elevated homocysteine.
Increased Methylcobalamin to 5 mg once daily from 1 mg twice daily also for elevated homocysteine.
3/06 thru 10/06 Added Ashwagandha Extract in July 2006.
Added Natural BP Management in July 2006.
Added Fibrinogen Resist in October 2006 to get the nattokinase.
Added Immune Protect w/ Paractin in October 2006.
Added Resveratrol via LEF product in July 2006 Deleted Quercetin, Hesperidin, Rutin and Citrus-Bioflavanoid in March 2006 due to possible contribution to elevated homocysteine (reevaluate usage).
Increased generic EUK-189 from 24 to 40 mg in July 2006 Increased Aminoguinidine from 160mg in July 2006.
Increased Creatine from 4 grams daily in July 2006.
Increased DMAE from 432 mg daily in July 2006.
Increased Natural Relief COX-2 Inhibitor Nexrutine from 1 daily in Spring 2006.
Reduced generic ALT-711 from 144 mg daily in October 2006.
Reduced Magnesium Oxide from 896 mg daily to 400 mg in April 2006 and then to 200 mg in October 2006; held entirely starting November 2006 as attempted measures in response to diarrhea.
Reduced Pyridoxamine from 320mg to 240 mg in June 2006 due to numbness in one of Paul's finger (possible neuropathy?). Resumed 320 mg in October 2006.
Replaced Metformin 850mg tabs (1.5 daily) in Spring 2006 due to unavailability with prior source and amount.
Bone Restore product number changed by LEF early 2006; no listed constituent changes.
1/07 thru 5/1/07 Note that some changes were made in order to reduce the volume of pills taken, after the decision to go to one meal daily was taken in January 2007. Deletions made for that purpose only are indicated by the phrase "(volume reduction)". The addition of the phrase "reevaluate usage" means that this deletion or reduction will be subject to later reevaluation.
Added Acipimox early am and HS to increase protein recycling, including those that are dysfunctional. (See separate page.)
Added Benfotiamine with thiamine.
Added Biosil for bone health.
Added DHEA 25 mg product in addition to 50 mg and DHEA Complete for flexibility of dosage.
Added D-Ribose to facilitate production of ATP and possibly have glucose lowering effect.
Added generic Kremezin to meal cocktail; possible inhibition of absorption of ingested AGEs.
Added magnesium citrate to make up for reduced magnesium oxide.
Added Pomegranate Extract.
Added Red Yeast Extended Release to moderate small rise in cholesterol; an herbal statin.R1
Added Resveratrol as synthetic powder in meal cocktail in January 2007 as an added source for its multiple benefits.R1, R2, R3
Restarted Quercetin and Rutin; elimination did not effect level of homocysteine and value of their bioflavonoid is high.
Restarted Citrus Bioflavanoid; elimination did not effect level of homocysteine and possible reduction of this and other bioflavanoids may have contributed to 2 incidents of sinus infection since November 2006.
Restarted Only Trace Minerals after deletion of Citrichrome.
Increased Astragalus from 1 daily;
Increased Cilantro Herbal extract from 20 drops in each meal cocktail to partially compensate for taking only once daily.
Increased Vit-D3 from 1 capsule 1000 IU daily.
Increased generic ALT-711 from 72 mg daily February 2007.
Increased generic EUK-189 from 40 to present level in February 2007.
Increased Forskolin as a possible urinary tract infection preventative measure.
Increased HCA to gain back that part of the reduced Citrichrome.
Increased R-Dihydro Lipoic Acid from 1 daily.
Increased Resveratrol extract by changing to 100 mg capsules.
Increased Rosmarinic Acid Extract because it is highly antiglycative - http://PMID.us/17385882.
Included L-Arginine in night potion to replace elimination of Natural Growth Hormone Releasing.
Included L-Ornithine in night potion to replace elimination of Natural Growth Hormone Releasing.
Reduced Artichoke Leaf extract from 2 daily (volume reduction); product number change by LEF
Reduced B-1 (Thiamine) from 2 daily due to addition of Benfotiamine.
Reduced DHEA Complete (DHEA/7-Keto DHEA).
Reduced Echinacea from twice daily (BID) to as needed only (prn) (volume reduction).
Reduced Herbal Mix from 7.2 grams daily and Lutein Plus from 8 grams daily in January 2007 (volume reduction).
Reduced Pantothenic acid (Vit B5) from 2.5 caps daily; amount sufficient.
Reduced Potassium from 1.92 grams daily in January 2007.
Holding on Magnesium Oxide still until February 2007 as continued attempted measures in response to diarrhea.
Holding on DHEA 25 mg following lab results of early April 2007.
Holding on 4-Androstenediol following lab results of early April 2007.
Deleted Boswella; get active ingredient, 5 loxin, elsewhere (volume reduction).
Deleted CDP-Choline (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted Citrichrome since other products had increased their Chromium content.
Deleted L-Glutamine as potentially promoting insulin resistance (reevaluate usage)
Deleted HepataPro (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted Herbal Cardiovascular Formula (volume reduction).
Deleted Hesperidin finally in March 2007 because sufficient now in LE Mix.
Deleted Inosine (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted Ipriflavone; continues to be listed as "out of stock" at LEF.
Deleted Lactoferrin (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted L-Lysine due to its tendency to promote glycation problems.
Deleted Mega GLA (volume reduction).
Deleted Natural Growth Hormone Releasing to eliminate more pyridoxine so it could be replaced by pyridoxamine.
Deleted Olive Leaf Extract (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted Tribulus (volume reduction - reevaluate usage).
Deleted Turmeric from meal cocktail; sufficient amount of active ingredient curcumin from other sources.
Changed to Kyolic Reserve to get more aged garlic extract because of anti-AGE evidence http://pmid.us/17321518
Changed to LEF Acetyl-l-carnitine product (optimized w/ Glycocarn) which includes additional forms of l-carnitine.
Low Dose Aspirin product number changed by LEF.
Blueberry product number changed by LEF when Pomegranate extract added.
Super Booster product number changed by LEF; no longer includes zeaxanthin.
Super Absorbable CoQ10 w/ D'Limomene product number changed by LEF; no listed constituent changes.
Curcumin w/ Bioperine product number changed by LEF; content of curcumin decreased from 900mg.
Dual Action Cruciferous product number changed by LEF; addition of Cat's Claw.
Super EPA/DHA product number changed by LEF and name modified; additional olive oil.
Natural Estrogen product number changed by LEF; new formulation.
GlucoFit name change from GlucoTrim by LEF.
Life Extension Mix product number changed by LEF; new formulation.
Silibinin+ product number change by LEF; no change of constituents listed.
SODZyme + GliSODin product number change by LEF; addition of wolfberry.
Zeaxanthin w/ Lutein product number change by LEF; addition of meso-zeaxanthin.
Changed name "Phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride" (generic ALT-711) to Alagebrium Chloride.
Correction of link for DNA Protection Formula.
Including Ascorbate C powder which has been taken in amount of Paul's smoothie, increased in January 2007 to 40 of total daily amount made.
Modified Notes 2) and 5).
Increased Kitty's age - current for birth 4/6/1945.
5/1 thru 6/30/07 Added 5-Loxin - to eliminate small amount of discomfort in middle finger R hand and large left toe; significantly reduced finger pain and eliminated toe pain.
Added Acarbose in Spring 2006 but taken irregularly due to flatus and diarrhea it appears to worsen; since increasing probiotics last several weeks have been taking it more often with less problems.
Add Astragalus Root alcohol-free containing 1mg astragalosides per serving; possible prevention of telomere shortening in addition to many benefits of the herb.
Added (-)-BPAP - for serotonin & dopamine increase.
Added Jarro-Dophilus as an additional probiotics source for reduction of cystitis occurences and to reduce diarrhea (after investigation determined to be a result of bowel irritation from taking so many supplements).
Added Panax Ginseng to replace American Ginseng because available from LEF and it should be effectively the same.
Increased Astaxanthin from 2 daily - unique carotenoid with many positive benefits.
Restarted Hesperidin Complex, Olive leaft extract, Mega Green Tea extract - homocysteine greatly reduced, likely from reduction in methionine intake due to major reduction in meat intake.
Replaced potassium chloride with potassium citrate - maintain same potassium supplementation while obtaining the benefits of the citrate moiety among them additional prevention of uric acid renal calculi (kidney stones) - (another preventative measure since Kitty's incident in January 2003).
Hold on all DHEA except DHEA Complete following May bloodwork results.
Reduced Ashwaganda from twice daily - reduction in total pill quantity, also obtained within Cognitex.
Reduced DNA Protection from twice daily - reduction in total pill quantity.
Reduced Ginko Biloba from twice daily - reduction in total pill quantity; sufficient qty from other sources.
Reduced Super Omega 3 - EPA/DHA from 4 daily - reduction in total pill quantity.
Reduced LEF Mix from 5 daily - reduction in total pill quantity.
Reduced Natural Relief COX-2 Inhibitor Nexrutine from 3 and moved to non-food timing - reduction in total pill quantity and correction.
Reduced Rosmarinic Acid from 2 daily - reduction in total pill quantity.
Reduced TMG from 8 daily - reduction in total pill quantity and greatly improved homocysteine level after reduction of meat intake.
Deleted Bone Restore - sufficient quantities of ingredients taken in other items.
Correction of page to show Citrus Bioflavonoid being taken.
Modification of Breakfast Course Powders for current practice.
Additional reason for taking Forskolin - may result in increased SAME.R
7/20 thru 9/7/07 Added Endothelial Defense as replacement for Pomegranate Extract and some of SOD-Zyme.
Added Pantothene Coenzyme B5 Precursor. (See sci.life-extension thread http://tinyurl.com/2yk64d)
Increased Astaxanthin from 2 daily; additional benefits.
Corrected to show Super Carnosine being taken at night.
Replaced Dual Action Cruciferous Veg Extract w/ Resveratrol to w/ Resveratrol & Cat's Claw; replaces separate Cat's Claw.
Correction to show 5-Loxin noted in 5/1 thru 6/30/07 Change Notice.
Correction of Meal Cocktail ingredients by including N-acetyl-L-carnosine (NALC); had been added to regimen in April 2006 at 40 mg daily (50 mg nominal).
Correction to show Ester C being taken regularly, since January 2007 with change to 1 meal daily.
Correction to show CarnoSoothe, added in February 2007 to obtain zinc carnosine, a time-delayed carnosine.
Correction to Forskolin to properly reflect how taken daily, NF and before sleep.
Correction to Nexrutine to reflect 2nd dose actually taken at sleep.
"Before Bed" replaced with "Before Sleep" for accuracy.
Removal of "**" from synthetic trans-resveratrol in meal cocktail; information available only during time of group purchase.
9/23 thru 10/6/07 Increased TMG (betaine) from 2 daily to upregulate Protein-L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase (PIMT) that plays a crucial role in the repair of damaged proteins.R
Increased N-acetyl-L-carnosine from 240 mg daily after review of additional papers (especially PMID 16621390) regarding the potential of carnosine as a powerful glycation inhibitor both extra and intra-cellularly and confidence that NALC is an effective time release form of carnosine that will enable it to get into cells (as it does with respect to eye lens cells in ocular therapeutic applications).R
Added to legend for explanation of items taken multiple times during the day to eliminate confusion by readers.
Corrected product link for l-tyrosine.
10/20 thru 11/25/07 Added Rhubarb root powder to meal cocktail after maximum tolerable level was determined; an abortive attempt made June 2006 at larger quantity - relatively high emodium content aggravated tendency to irritable bowel symptoms, now resolved.R
Changed to using black sesame seeds instead of white - while they are a little more costly, they likely have more nutritive value, but unfortunately there is no published comparison of the two.R
Added Metabolic Modulator (beta glucan oat and barley sprout blend) to lower post-prandial glucose/insulin levelsR1, R2 and promote digestive/colonic health.R
Added SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) - now that homocysteine is lower and we are less concerned about the fact that all SAMe will be converted to homocysteine, this may increase beneficial SAMe beyond what can be gained by recycling homocysteine or production from methionine (which has also been reduced in our diet).
Deleted folic acid from meal cocktail - because homocysteine is now reduced, there is a sufficient amount from other sources and some studies have shown and expressed concern about megadose amounts. R1, R2, R3, R4
Replaced Curcumin with bioperine with Super Bio-Curcumin - because it is more bioavailable.
Replaced l-Theanine with Natural Stress Relief; includes lemon balm and twice l-theanine amount.
Restarted Lactoferrin now that irritable bowel symptoms resolved and pill number can be increased - lactoferrin has immune system benefits.
Restarted Regimint; improve intestinal motility now that irritable bowel symptoms have resolved. Restarted rhodiola since irritable bowel symptoms under control and herb has multiple benefits.R (See interesting Science News article.)
Returned Forskolin dosage from 3 to 4 daily now that bowel irritation resolved.
Corrected Resveratrol quantity for NF.
Updated Notes 2, 3 and 5.
Added page section for PRN (as needed) item(s) for occasional short-term joint or muscle discomfort - Fast-Acting Joint Formula.
12/20/07 thru 2/26/08 Added Breast Health combination for additional amount of its included phytoestrogens; familial history of breast cancer.
Added Super Polyphenol Extracts w/ Cocoa Gold to have added cocoa polyphenols from another source beyond that included in diet from cocoa powder and dark chocolate plus another source of other polyphenols.
Added Tryptopure (L-Tryptophan) as an "if needed" (PRN) item to assure adequate restful sleep and prevent tendency to mania.
Increased LEF's R-Dihyro lipoic acid - bulk supply RLA now exhausted in meal cocktail powder and do not plan to procure more, since we think the LEF product is sufficient.
Increased Hesperidin Complex in Meal Cocktail from 480 mg to compensate for large decrease in LEF Mix.
Replaced Natural Sleep containing Melatonin with plain melatonin and a time-released version; eliminates additional source of inositol.
Replaced NOW brand Cat's Claw self-purchased with LEF product for reason of no cost arrangement w/ LEF.
Changed Green Tea extract from taking with meal (F) to premeal. R
Decreased Vitamin D3 from 1000IU x 2 due to inclusion of 1000IU in daily dosage of Breast Health.
Deleted Inositol powder; too much inositol may be inhibiting autophagy and opposing lithium. R1, R2
Stopped Acarbose to reduce high incidence of flatus.
Stopped Rhubarb root powder - irritable bowel symptoms once again; used separately mixed meal cocktail until rhubarb-containing one exhausted. (Paul's rhubarb root powder now added separately.)
Updated Blueberry extract link for new formulation by LEF.
Updated Endothelial Defense link for new formulation by LEF.
Update LEF Mix link for new formulation by LEF.
Update of Ubiquinol (CoQ10) link for new formulation by LEF. Correction also to note that Ubiquinol was started November 2006 but was not included previously in Change Notices.
Corrected Pre-Sleep Items to include TMG, taken as shown since 9/07 change notice.
3/13/08 thru 4/7/08 Added Acai Fruit for usage when in Ontario since frozen pulp not available for smoothie making. Added Bromelain for anti-inflammatory benefits.15841258 R
Added Standardized Lignan Extract as my only source of Norway Spruce extract; anti-oxidant, free-radical scavanger. R
Added Super Critical Omega 7 (from sea buckthorn) - for its anticarcinogenic properties as well as overall nutritive value. R1, R2
Added tryptophan as regular pre-sleep item from "only as needed" (PRN) chiefly because our dietary intake of this essential amino acid is low.
Increased d-Ribose from 2 grams daily - recommended level for healthy adults for restoration of normal ATP levels in "worked-out" muslces; faster recovery and greater endurance. R
Increased Vitamin D from 1 daily - vitamin D up-regulates for cathelicidin, a naturally occurring broad-spectrum antibiotic. R
Increased Dilauryl Thiodipropionate and Thiodipropionic Acid from 40 mg daily each because of removal from LEF Mix formulation.
Increased Pregnenolone from 1 daily - cholesterol levels low and even with supplementation, serum pregnenolone levels only moderate.
Restarted Echinacea regularly from PRN only - additional study showed ablity to raise erythropoietin (EPO), interleukin 3 (IL-3). R
Increased Lithium from 150 mg every 3 days - evidence of CNS protection. R1, R2
Decreased SE-Methly-selenocysteine from 1 daily - total selenium intake higher than desired.
Deleted Metafolin (methlyfolate) - supply exhausted and neither LEF nor any other supplier carrying it (Merck/Eprova AG has withdrawn its production of methylfolate in place of prescription-only mega-dose product).
Link change for Cran-Max - product number change by LEF; no stated constituent change.
Age increase - another Birthday!
4/30/08 thru 6/30/08 Added Astaxanthin 4mg from NOW to replace 2mg from Source Natural - fewer quantity for same total.
Added Citrulline Malate - more effective to raise plasma arginine levels and arginine/ADMA (asymmetric dimethylarginine, an endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase - and therefore harmful) ratio than supplemental arginine - PMID: 17662090
Correspondingly decreased l-arginine from 3.2 g.
Added Whole Grape w/resveratrol, replacing grapeseed extract w/ resveratrol - to get more whole grape benefit.
Added Super R-Lipoic Acid to replace R-dihydro Lipoic Acid that had been increased after depletion of bulk powder - fewer capules.
Increased Melatonin over several weeks from 6 mg at night to total intake of 30 mg daily spread over the day - following results of studies including recent study and correspondence with author reported at sci.life-extension.
Increased amount from 200 mg daily and modified Resveratrol times from wide distribution without food to all at my single meal - resveratrol may require fat to be well digested PMID: 18486604 and discussion at sci.life-extension newsgroup.
Deleted Quercetin capsules - study result suggests toxic effects on neurons; this elimination reduced total querectin intake to half.
Replaced Metformin 500 mg with Extended Release formulation obtained by prescription and spread 2 doses further apart- no longer readily available from former source, Masters Marketing.
Corrected page to show usage of Digestive Enzymes, started summer 2007 - to reduce symptoms of irritable bowel.
Noted for Change record that acipimox was increased from approximate total 220 mg in late 2007.
Noted for Change Record that -BPAP increased from 40 mcg daily to target dose in late Summer 2007.
8/24/08 thru 9/5/08 Added Gotu Kola cognitive function and mood disorderR since previous intestinal hyperactivity has been resolved.
Increased Metabolic Modulator from 1 scoop in each smoothie serving which is larger with current eating on only 2 days out of 3.
Moved listing Metformin Extended Release from meal-related supplements to "Prescription Medications" subsection of page.
Replaced Deprenyl tablets with transdermal cream for its transmission to the brain before potentially negative processing by the liver.
Replaced synthetic trans-resveratrol (after exhaustion of supply) used in meal cocktail with increased amount of LEF's resveratrol products containing trans-resveratrol.
Notation for ongoing practice of separate addition of generic Kremezin to Meal Cocktail to avoid settling out in less dense powder mixture.
Corrected notation for BPAP drops from "directly onto tongue" to actual practice.
Added a Definitions section to the Notes for improved clarity.
Modified Note 1 for current practice; refrigeration of Meal Cocktail powder ceased when R-alpha lipoic acid powder no longer a constituent.
Extended Note 2 to reflect change from 1 meal daily to 1 meal on 2 days out of 3.
Change of notations for various items from regarding to "day" to "meal" reflecting current practice.
10/10/08 thru 2/20/09 Added Advanced Lipid Control - new LEF product with unique ingredients beneficial for lipid health, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added Bacopa Extract - new LEF product with unique brain beneficial ingredient, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added Berry Complete - new LEF product with full spectrum berry extracts, some of which we did not previously take. Almost impossible to get too many berries. See LEF product description for details.
Added Bone Strength Formula with KoAct - new LEF product with unique ingredients beneficial for bone health, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added EDTA - because the EDTA was removed from LEF's Pure-Gar and this EDTA-only product has more EDTA so it provides more free heavy metal chelation ability.
Added Fernblock - new LEF product with unique ingredients beneficial for skin health (apart from anti UV radiation benefits), that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added Florastor - an intestinal bacteria not contained in other products being used. See LEF product description for details.
Added L-Carnitine - Used to think this form of carnitine was unnecessary when others were being taken but now think it may be beneficial in addition to other forms.
Added Natural Female Support - additional source of Norway Spruce lignans as preventative measure for breast cancer (familial history).
Added Hoodia Gordonii - to decrease or eliminate tendency to mental fatigue on evening of fast. See LEF product description for details.
Added Integra-Lean Irvingia - to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease conversion of glucose to fat, amylase inhibition. See LEF product description for details.
Added Super K w/ Advanced K2 Complex - because of significant decrease of K1 in LEF Booster.
Added Korean Angelica - inhibitor of NF-kappa B activation; an anti-iflammatant. See LEF product description for details.
Added Mega Lycopene - particularly beneficial carotenoid.
Added Nattokinase - new LEF product to keep blood vessels clear and blood clot-free, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added ProGreens - Best LEF product that we could find to replace discontinued LE Herbal Mix. See LEF product description for details.
Added Propolis Extract - new LEF product to augment immune protection and for other benefits, that we did not previously take. See http://pmid.us/19021816
Added Pumpkin Seed Extract w/soy isoflavone - new LEF product to support urinary tract health, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Added Pycnogenol - new LEF product. Well-researched proanthocyanidin that may some benefits beyond other forms, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description and PubMed for details.
Added Vascular Protect - new LEF product to promote heart and vascular health, that we did not previously take. See LEF product description for details.
Restarted Folic Acid powder, LEF 0.13% pure; next meal cocktail powder mix include 100% pure for total 3mg nominal - after previously cutting back, decided that we should increase a little.
Increased Acipimox from .18mg on meal days + hs - to increase autophagy.**
Increased Cinsulin (Cinulinin) from 1PF - to provide glucose management for each half of single meal on 2 eating days out of 3.
Increased micronized creatine to original nominal dosage of 7500mg daily by adding a dose on fasting day - to reduce any tendency to mental fatigue late on fasting day.
Increased GlucoFit from 2 taken singly- to have glucose management for each half of extended single meal on 2 eating days out of 3.
Increased N-acetyl-cysteine - more benefits of this appear on PubMed all the time, particularly lately for brain health.
Increased Pure Gar capsules from 1 daily - More garlic is better both unaged (this kind) and aged (from Kyolic).
Increased Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 from 1 daily - Increasing research showing more benefits.
Decreased Vanadyl Sulfate from 4 daily - It was not benefiting blood glucose level and was concerned about toxicity of vanadium.
Decreased number of items taken Non-Food by moving Cellforte with IP6/Inositol, Natural Relief COX-2 Inhib Nexrutine, PS Caps and Nettle Leaf to HS.
Deleted B1 (thiamine) as separate item and increased Benfotiamine from twice daily - There is still plenty of thiamine in other supplements (particularly LE Mix) and benfotiamine has more evidence of benefit all the time.
Deleted -BPAP - Did not sense any benefit, there has been very little recent research (none on humans) and it is costly.
Deleted Policosinol - Less and less evidence of any real benefit in addition to all other things taken.
Deleted SE-Methylselenocysteine - sufficient selenium from other sources including food.
Replaced ArthroPro with ArthroMax - discontinuation by LEF with a new formulation of latter.
Replaced Astaxanthin separately with new formulation Super Zeaxanthin containing astaxanthin.
Replaced LEF's Optimized Cat's Claw w/ Source Naturals brand of bark - LEF discontinued own product.
Replaced Cinulinin with Cinsulin - product change by LEF.
Replaced Metabolic Modulator with Cocoa Gold w/ Beta Glucan - LEF eliminated the former.
Correction of link for Regimint - thanks to notification of error by Dave Brett.
Note to Changes to record that decrease of Iron Protein Plus from every 2 days took place in 4/2007 as a result of moderately improved iron stores.
Updated links for numerous items that have been changed by LEF. [Booster, lutein plus, ubiquinol, Blueberry, Whole Grape Extract, Mitochondrial Energizer, PureGar (EDTA removed), Super Zeaxanthin]
Modified wording for title of main supplement table to clarify when taken in relationship to each meal.
4/09 thru 11/09 Added Agave Digestive-Immune Support (included in Meal Cocktail) - contains inulins (indigestible fructose polymers), FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and PHGG (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) all for digestive health support - PMID 17711612.
Added Arthro-Immune Joint Support - increases amt of Paractin intake & more biocurcumin.
Added B12 Eligen - improved GI tract absorption.
Added Black Currant juice extract for inclusion in smoothie & added to hot cereal - contains unique eye protectors delphinidin-3-rutinoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside - PMID 11134978.
Added Mangosteen 100, juice for inclusion in smoothie - supports healthy immune and inflammatory processes - PMID 18725264, PMID 19172667.
Added l-methylfolate (again available from LEF), the body's stable form - this is a premetabolized form that will not raise plasma levels of folic acid, recently found to be harmful (discussion at MoreLife Yahoo).
Added Noni (100%) Juice for inclusion in smoothie - antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antinociceptive (antipain), anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and antihypertensive activity - PMID 18053321, PMID 17286240.
Added Venotone - to maintain good lower extremity venous circulation, presence of some new mild spider veins in thighs.
Increased Vitamin D3 and changed the form (once current liquid form supply exhausted - acquired 7/09) to version including iodine - our plasma vitamin D was still just below the optimum range and the additional sea iodine will be potentially beneficial.
Increased ProFem (progesterone cream) from days 1-22 each month - new recommendation by LEF for postmenopausal women.
Increased SAMe by changing one from NF to HS - PMID 19616616 also reports that supplementation of ALA reduced SAMe levels - see note for Super r-Lipoic Acid above. Also PMID 17336420 reports isoaspartyl-damaged protein levels lower with high ratio of SAM/SAH - see note for TMG below.
Increased Trimethylglycine (TMG) from 1NF/F and 1 HS - PMID 17336420 reports it prevents accumulation of isoaspartyl damaged proteins.
Reduced l-arginine from 4.2 g daily by removing from meal cocktail - arginine is too growth promoting and autophagy inhibiting (by stimulation of mTOR) for high use at our ages - PMID 19130170.
Reduced Acipimox by deleting HS and other than NF dose on fasting days and reducing that from 1 smidgen - to reduce & control symptoms of irritable bowel.
Reduced EPA/DHA from 3 (to 2) - PMID 19717153 suggests that high doses of DHA (above 800mg daily) will result in reduced beneficial effects.
Reduced Potassium citrate from effective daily of 5.5g daily - suspected intake level might be contributing to night muscle cramps; incidence much reduced since.
Reduced Super r-Lipoic Acid by delating NF dose - PMID 19616616 reports increased homocysteine level following 100mg/kg dosages of ALA in rats (~1500 mg daily in 60kg human).
Reduced Tocotrienols with sesame lignans from 2 and added Super Absorbable Tocotrienols - this was merely a change because the new ones are, presumably, more absorbable. But we also wanted to keep the old ones to have more than one source.
Replaced usage of acai capsules from LEF in Ontario and store purchased acai frozen puree in AZ with new acai powder - convenience change only.
Replaced prior Astraglus root extract with more potent version.
Restarted and replaced B1 (Thiamine) capsules with powder in "meal cocktail"; retaining usage based on PMID 16037305 which clearly showed that Benfotiamine does not replace all need for supplemental Thiamine.
Restarted Ester C (now named Gentle-C) to prior 1 at HS - irritable bowel symptoms no longer present.
Restarted Quercetin capsules (doubling previous intake) - it is a major AMPK promoter, which in turn promotes autophagy and I do not think our dosage will have any neurotoxicity as per previous concern (see changes for 4/30/08 thru 6/30/08).
Deleted pure folic acid from meal coctail mix and reduced LEF 0.13% product until supply exhausted - addition of l-methlyfolate - for reasoning see addition of l-methylfolate above.
Deleted Forskolin - it generally promotes cAMP production, which is growth promoting and autophagy inhibiting PMID 19805182 - not what we want.
Deleted daytime Melatonin - concern that it may be harmful during daytime by weakening the circadian rhythm.
Deleted Standardized Lignans - LEF discontinued; sufficient lignans in other supplements and foods taken.
Deleted l-tyrosine - it is one of the autophagy inhibiting amino acids PMID 738804
Moved Nutraflora from Smoothie ingredients - more convenient.
Moved ProGreens from NF potion and changed from individual packets to bulk quantity - mainly because the green colored LEF Herbal Mix (necessary for complete powder mixing) is no longer available.
Moved Regimint from PF to NF - to better fit the "between meals" usage directions.
Added words "pre-sleep" to clarify usage of methylcobalamin and pantethine.
Updated link for items with new LEF number for Paradise Herb's Panax Ginseng (no ingredient change) and also for items reformulated by LEF.
Changed l-ornithine from powder to capsules - merely because easier to take presleep.
Corrected listing to show (mega) benfotiamne at proper unit amount - thanks to notification of error by Franšois Rose.
Corrected listing to show IP6 & Innositol as it is actually being taken.
Corrected listing to show Metformin ER as it is actually being taken, including in prescription items only. Corrected listing to show Natural Stress Relief as it is actually taken.
Changed Kitty's age to 64.
1/10 thru 2/28/10 Added Black Elderberry - general immune support at least when in AZ, during which time sinus infections have occurred. (Pulsatile nasal irrigation with isotonic saline to be done prophylacticly on arrival in AZ each Fall.)
Added Calorie Restriction Mimetic Formula, replacing Resveratrol products as supply is exhausted - product contains resveratrol plus additional ingredients.
Added D-Mannose - additional measure to reduce/eliminate incidences of urinary tract infections.
Added Euopean Leg Solution (Diosmin 95) for 3 month usage and repeats as needed - to reduce/eliminate areas of small spider veins on thighs.
Added Goji100 (100% goji juice) to smoothie contents - supplement amount of dried berries.
Added Krill Oil - contains unique phospholipids of both EPA and DHA plus more astaxanthin.
Added pioglitazone - it is a CR mimetic drug which should lower serum glucose.
Added Theralac, starting with 1 every meal for 2 weeks - a unique probiotic supplement.
Restarted -BPAP - topical Deprenyl supply exhausted and no longer available from compounding pharmacy at reasonable price.
Increased Arthro-Immune Joint Support from 1 - deletion of single ingredient BioCurcumin product.
Increased Omega 3 EPA/DHA from 2F - because of fewer fish at meals with further reduction of protein intake.
Increased Super Upiquinol from 1F - the benefits of CoQ10 keep piling up and the natural statin in Red Rice Yeast reduces body's creation of it.
Reduced Benfotiamine by eliminating NF dose - reduction to be closer to 2/3 Paul's dosage.
Replaced B5 (pantothenic acid), Taurine, TMG capsules with powder to be used in "meal cocktail" - reduction of capsules/tablets consumed to maintain control of IBS symptoms.
Replaced BHT powder in olive oil used in "meal cocktail" with capsules - capsules now available and less work.
Replaced Enhanced Irvingia with Optimized Irvingia - Improved LEF product.
Replaced ProGreens with Vital Greens - LEF introduced its own multi-greens product. [meal cocktail]
Deleted Nutraflora - replaced previously by Agave Digestive-Immune Support.
Deleted sesame seeds as regular nutritional intake item - too much omega-6 and too high in methionine - still get the important lignans in other supplements.
Dual Action Cruciferous changed by LEF to Triple Action - now contains apigenin.
Corrected notation for LEF Mix from Low Niacin - has been regular niacin content since 7/07.
Corrected meal cocktail powder listing removing Herbal Mix - replaced in Oct 2008.
Updated LEF numbers for: DNA Protection, EPA/DHA, LEF Mix, Super Ubiquinol - constituent changes.
3/10 thru 8/20/10 Added Aloe Gold to smoothie - also substitutes when in Ontario for Trader Joe aloe that is added to wine in AZ; wine (and all liquor) much more expensive in Canada.
Added Anti-Oxidant Rejuvenating Foot Cream - improve and maintain good feet skin quality.
Added Optimized Saffron - to maintain positive mood and energy on fasting day afternoons and evenings.
Added Ultimate Advanced Flora - for more sources of bio-flora; reduced JarrowDophilus so no more total amount of pills
Added Sodium Selenite - valuable form of inorganic selenium for cancer prevention PMID 20492335 (and others).
Increased CranMax from 1NF/PF - new "optimized" version has less cranberry.
Increased Irvingia by adding 2nd set of 2 before 2nd half of long single daily meal on 2 days out of 3 - mfg recommends 2 taken prior to meals.
Increased SAMe by replacing 200mg tabs with 400mg version - because of reduced meat and methionine consumption.
Increased Mega Silymarin from one - liver and kidney protective.
Modified Acipimox usage by not taking after any more than mildest injury until healing well observed - increased autophagy conflicts with healing process.
Reduced by half total generic ALT-711 (Alagebrium chloride) intake (from 96mg) by preparing meal cocktail powder with previous dosage of chemical in only half the total quantity and then cycling usage of the two halves for equal elapsed times of approximately 11-12 days - based on a negative preliminary result from a mouse longevity test; still think it is beneficial as part of the whole set of supplements and that cycling may ameliorate any negative effects.
Reduced N-acetyl-cysteine from 1 HS and 1NF/F eliminating doses when fasting - to reduce negative effect on autophagy PMID 20571221.
Reduced potassium citrate to only occasionally - to reduce and possibly eliminate night leg cramps; has been successful in reducing them, probably with addition of small amounts of salt in cooking. Intake of large amounts of fruit, and mushrooms (wild local) during summer, amply supplies potassium.
Replacement of several powder items (in Meal Cocktail) with capsules as supply is exhausted: Thiamine (B1), B5 (Pantothenic acid), L-Carnitine, RNA - LEF has discontinued these powders or is in the process of doing so.
Replaced Choline Bitartrate with Choline Chloride - LEF discontinued former.
Replaced Biosil capsules with liquid version - order error but will retain since 1 less capsule.
Replaced "Blueberry Extract with Pomegranate and Cocoa Gold" caps with "BlueBerry Extract" caps and an increased amount of "Pomegranate Full Spectrum" which was started in Spring - LEF appears to be discontinuing use of Cocoa Gold in products; we know not why, but we are not concerned as we get lots of cocao from many other sources.
Replaced NALC with Beta Alanine - to eliminate the high cost per usage of the former and for muscles the latter may work as well or better.
Replaced Soy Power with Soy Protein Concentrate (in smoothie) and added Ultra Soy Extract - LEF discontinued the former and latter provides standardized sources for replacement of genistein and daidzen.
Replacement of d-Mannose (Vitamin Research) with d-Mannose product with Cranactin (Solaray) when supply of former is exhausted - LEF discontinued former, replacing it with the latter.
Replacement of Lutein Plus (meal cocktail) with increased Super Zeaxanthin when supply of former exhausted (1NF/F) - LEF discontinued product.
Replaced products with newer versions brought out by LEF: Berry Complete, Calorie Restriction Mimetic Formula, CranMax, Endothelial Defense - older versions discontinued.
Restarted Optimized Resveratrol (new version w/Synergistic Grape-Berry Actives) - to increase resveratrol a little and get more fisetin.
Restarted rhubarb root powder (Rheum palmatum) at ~half previous level to avoid irritable bowel symptoms - to take advantage of numerous benefits of emodin PMID 17022020.
Stopped pioglitazone - PPARgamma promoter for increasing insulin sensitivity but recently found to possibly promote thymic involution PMID 20374200.
Deleted Black Currant from cereal - modified cereal recipe; full amount in smoothie.
Deleted Korean Angelica and Silibinin+ - discontinued by LEF.
Deleted Rutin and Hesperidin powders (from meal cocktail) and also Cocoa Gold with Beta Glucan powder and Polyphenols with Cocoa Gold when supply exhausted - LEF is discontinuing these items; sufficient intake in other items until appropriate replacements available.
Deleted generic EUK-189 - evidence not gastrically bioavailable and cost per usage.
Corrected Vit D3 (with iodine) from 1F [alt w/ 2F] - original intended dosage.
Corrected listed amounts of liquid items in smoothie to what is actually used.
Updated Calcium Pyruvate dosage amount - manufacturer change.
Updated note for preparing "meal cocktail" - to correspond to current practice.
Consolidated listing of Metformin under Prescription Medication for all dosage times.
Listed topical items New Face, Hydroderm & Anti-glycation Serum used for past year.
Added withhold for Metformin following moderate injury or with illness - autophagy not desired at these times.
Added Note 7 - reduce confusion for opening javascript links.
Increased stated age - birthday in April.
9/10 thru 2/28/11 Added Boswella cream as PRN for joint application after injury if discomfort continues more than day or interferes with sleep.
Added Copper capsules - to maintain good balance w/ zinc after removal of copper from several LEF products.
Added GingerForce
Added PPQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) - insufficient qty from Mitochondrial Energizer as taken.
Added Pure Plant Protein w/ Branched Chain AA, as PRN for significant injury - (in reserve; have not had reason for usage yet).
Added Lifeshield Immunity mushroom blend - replaces maitake and adds others
Added Stabilium as PRN for anticipated highly stressful situations
Added Strontium
Added Yohimbe - additional Ashwaghanda source PMID21170205
Increased 5-Loxin from 1F
Increased Arthromax by adding HS dose[ 1HS] to reduced 2F, after 2 month decrease to reduce glucosamine intake
Increased Ashwaghanda from 1NF - PMID21170205
Increased Blueberry w/ Pomegranate from 1F
Increased N-Acetyl Cysteine from 1F - PMID1974755
Increased r-alpha Lipoic acid from only 1HS - PMID20934512
Increased Jarro-Dophilus from 1NF - to reduce IBS symptoms
Increased MSM from 1NF/F
Increased Rhodiola from 1F
Modified Alagebrium Chloride dosage further by reducing the nominal meal dosage to 90 grams of which Kitty's is 80% (72 grams) and including this amount in in alternate meal cocktail powder mixing (45 days with, 45 days without).
Modified Panax Ginseng from 2PF - distributed dosage
Modified Silimarin Mega from 2F - distributed dosage
Reduced Low Dose Asprin from 1NF/F - PMID21245996
Reduced CR Mimetic Formula from 3F - excessive Resveratrol MoreLife Yahoo Msg #2292.
Deleted B12 Elegen - discontinued by LEF, no reason given.
Deleted Grape extract w/ Resveratrol - excessive Resveratrol MoreLife Yahoo Msg #2292.
Corrected Berry Complete to show HS dose - have been taking along with F dose.
Corrected IP6/Inositol designation - CellForte is the company name.
Corrected Endothelial Defense from 2NF - typo error.
Corrected l-Ornithine from 3HS - typo error.
Corrected Pyridoxamine stated dosage of 320 mg in each meal to what has been used since March 2009.
Updated product numbers for Berry Complete [1406], Chlorophyllin with Zinc [1548], LEF mix [1557], Mitochondrial energizer [1568] - LEF product modifications.
Replaced Blueberry Extract (#1214) with Blueberry Extract with Pomegranate [#1438] and correspondingly reduced Pomegranate Full Spectrum to previous dosage (1F) - LEF made available previous product without Cocoa Gold, which it had discontinued earlier (got that?!...)
Replaced VitD w/ SeaIodine with Vits D&K w/ SeaIodine [1472] - eliminates separate VitK cap.
Replaced d-Mannose VHP product with one by Solaray [26722] - LEF eliminated VHP product.
Replaced DMAE (37%) powder with capsule version - LEF has discontinued powder.
Replaced 1/2 of Vital Greens with equivalent amount of ProGreens - LEF product contains stevia resulting in overly distasteful meal cocktail (to me).
3/11 thru 8/31/11 Added Cerimides, Skin Restoring [1502 1F; P2F] - for dry skin hydration.
Added Derma Whey [2f] - maintain skin health with aging.
Added Fucoidan, Optimized [F, NFfstg] - source of Undaria pinnatifida, the species of seaweed used in a majority of scientific studies on fucoidan.
Added Ideal Bowel Support containing Lactobacillus plantarum.
Added Interplexus Seriphos [2PF split before ea sitting] - additional source of serine which was low on amino acid tests.
Added Natural Sleep (w/o Melatonin), Enhanced [1HS] - to get Bioactive Milk Peptides and amla (Indian gooseberry).
Added Niacinamide [2F] - may be an important form of B3.
Added pTeropure (pterostilbene) [1F] - a CR mimetic similar to resveratrol.
Added Relora [1PF] as replacement for Natural Relief COX-2 Inhib Nexrutine, discontinued by LEF - contains Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officinalis both showing potential for cortisol regulation.
Added Zyflamend [2F] - Anti-inflammatory complex containing 4 ingredients not in anything else currently being taken.
Added (in April) and deleted in August Astral Fruit (RevGenetics) - not currently available.
Increased CR Mimetic Formula from 1F 1st eating day only - increase desirable fisetin, available only in this LEF product.
Deleted Pantethine 25 mg tabs (Source Naturals) - LEF discontinued carrying and its replacement is 450mg capsule by Jarrow! Therefore replacing NF dose of Pantothenic Acid (500mg) with Jarrow product.
Deleted Black Currant Extract Juice by Jarrow - discontinued by LEF without comparable replacement.
Deleted Optimized Resveratrol - to reduce quantity which is hormetic and may be in unhealthy range at the high doses of many LEF products PMID 21115559 and PMID 21115567
Modified taking of micronized creatine from inclusion in meal cocktail - studies show that it is more effective when taken before and after exercise.
Modified taking of HCA from 2PF [P, from 3NF/2PF] (to 3PF split 2 eatings; P: 3PF + 2PF) - more in line w/ mfgr recommendation.
Reduced Jarro-Dophilus from 4NF w/ addition of Ideal Bowel Support.
Replacing Chondroitin with Glucosamine/Chondroitin [1NF/F & HS both K&P] - mild arthritic changes developing in 3 fingers right hand including mild discomfort.
Replaced Lecithin w/ B5 & BHA (#19) with plain version (#20) when LEF discontinued the former.
Restarted Branched Chain Amino Acid (#1253) [4F] after ceasing usage due to TOR implication - too many studies show benefits for liver, muscles etc that decided to suffer the TOR promotion effects of the leucine component, particularly - wish that we could get BCAA without leucine.
Links updated for several items [aspirin [#1066] - no identifiable change; Booster [#1590] - removed ingredients; Optimized Folate [#1439 was 1312] - no identifiable change; New Face [#1076], PEAK ATP w/ Glycocarn [1323 was 923] - no identifiable change - those w/ changes noted on ingredient spreadsheet.
Revised timing for PF (pre-food) items from 45 to 60 mins before (sittings) of extended meal.
Explanation added for splitting of multiples of same supplement between 2 sittings of extended meal.
Increased age by 1 year - birthday in April.

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