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Kitty's Nutritional Supplement Regimen
(Female Age 66)

Most Recent Changes

3/11 thru 8/31/11 Added Cerimides, Skin Restoring [1502 1F; P2F] - for dry skin hydration.
Added Derma Whey [2f] - maintain skin health with aging.
Added Fucoidan, Optimized [F, NFfstg] - source of Undaria pinnatifida, the species of seaweed used in a majority of scientific studies on fucoidan.
Added Ideal Bowel Support containing Lactobacillus plantarum.
Added Interplexus Seriphos [2PF split before ea sitting] - additional source of serine which was low on amino acid tests.
Added Natural Sleep (w/o Melatonin), Enhanced [1HS] - to get Bioactive Milk Peptides and amla (Indian gooseberry).
Added Niacinamide [2F] - may be an important form of B3.
Added pTeropure (pterostilbene) [1F] - a CR mimetic similar to resveratrol.
Added Relora [1PF] as replacement for Natural Relief COX-2 Inhib Nexrutine, discontinued by LEF - contains Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officinalis both showing potential for cortisol regulation.
Added Zyflamend [2F] - Anti-inflammatory complex containing 4 ingredients not in anything else currently being taken.
Added (in April) and deleted in August Astral Fruit (RevGenetics) - not currently available.
Increased CR Mimetic Formula from 1F 1st eating day only - increase desirable fisetin, available only in this LEF product.
Deleted Pantethine 25 mg tabs (Source Naturals) - LEF discontinued carrying and its replacement is 450mg capsule by Jarrow! Therefore replacing NF dose of Pantothenic Acid (500mg) with Jarrow product.
Deleted Black Currant Extract Juice by Jarrow - discontinued by LEF without comparable replacement.
Deleted Optimized Resveratrol - to reduce quantity which is hormetic and may be in unhealthy range at the high doses of many LEF products PMID 21115559 and PMID 21115567
Modified taking of micronized creatine from inclusion in meal cocktail - studies show that it is more effective when taken before and after exercise.
Modified taking of HCA from 2PF [P, from 3NF/2PF] (to 3PF split 2 eatings; P: 3PF + 2PF) - more in line w/ mfgr recommendation.
Reduced Jarro-Dophilus from 4NF w/ addition of Ideal Bowel Support.
Replacing Chondroitin with Glucosamine/Chondroitin [1NF/F & HS both K&P] - mild arthritic changes developing in 3 fingers right hand including mild discomfort.
Replaced Lecithin w/ B5 & BHA (#19) with plain version (#20) when LEF discontinued the former.
Restarted Branched Chain Amino Acid (#1253) [4F] after ceasing usage due to TOR implication - too many studies show benefits for liver, muscles etc that decided to suffer the TOR promotion effects of the leucine component, particularly - wish that we could get BCAA without leucine.
Links updated for several items [aspirin [#1066] - no identifiable change; Booster [#1590] - removed ingredients; Optimized Folate [#1439 was 1312] - no identifiable change; New Face [#1076], PEAK ATP w/ Glycocarn [1323 was 923] - no identifiable change - those w/ changes noted on ingredient spreadsheet.
Revised timing for PF (pre-food) items from 45 to 60 mins before (sittings) of extended meal.
Explanation added for splitting of multiples of same supplement between 2 sittings of extended meal.
Increased age by 1 year - birthday in April.

See Change Record for all changes since 3/1/2001.

Caution: I (Kitty Antonik Wakfer) want everyone reading this to be very clear that publication of my personal supplement regimen is for the purpose of example only. While I know of no obvious reason why this regimen should not be appropriate and safe for any healthy female of my age or less to consume, I have no way of being certain of that. Nor do I have any evidence that this regimen will not, in fact, shorten my life or that of someone else taking it.

Having said this however, to the best of my knowledge and judgement (much of it obtained in consultation with my partner/husband), I think that the following regimen when added to all my other life-extension practices yields the best chance that I currently have to maintain my health, happiness and productivity for as long as possible. I have been on this regimen or one very similar since approximately September 2000 and feel well, without any physical complaints. (The only exception is when I have dripping sinuses. At those times, which once were frequent but now are extremely rare, I use the Grossan's Nasal Irrigator with salt water.) However, if I were far younger, my evaluation of the risk/benefit ratio of each supplement would most definitely cause me to not take some of my current supplements. In fact, if I were less than 30 I would probably be taking very few of them. In my current opinion, the state of life-extension research is such that a young person would do best to concentrate on optimizing hir food diet, life-style practices (eg. no smoking), exercise, relaxation and sleep before s/he considers taking supplements, unless s/he is in some circumstance that prevents hir from getting well above minimal dosages of all important nutrients from food.

This list is my current goal, but not necessarily what I am currently taking. If a recent change leaves me with an unused amount of some eliminated item, I may gradually use it up rather than waste it, unless the reason for eliminating the item immediately is extremely important and/or the item has clearly been shown to be negative for me. In this latter case, I will note the reason for the urgency as part of my reason for the change.

In formulating my diet and regimen, I have attempted to ingest each thing that I wish to consume/supplement from 2 or 3 different sources (one of them food if possible), without exceeding the maximum dosages that I want to take.

Non-Food-Supplements - those supplements taken on an empty stomach.
Pre-Food-Supplements - those supplements taken 45 to 60 minutes prior to eating our single meal.
Food-Supplements - those supplements taken during our single extended meal.
Pre-Sleep-Supplements - those taken within 30 minutes of turning off lights and going to sleep.

1) The meal cocktail powder is mixed in 30 meal batches (previously done similarly for what was then referred to as "The Morning Potion") using two electronic gram scales (400g/0.1g and 75g/0.01g) which provide the precision needed for those substances taken in relatively small amounts and simplifies the procedure for the other powders in those mixtures. All other non-capsule/tablet measurements are made using standard measuring spoons and a set of mini-measuring spoons. (See review of and data for powder density measurements vs. label information.
Note that the weights of powders in the regimen below are correct. The volume measurements have been changed in accordance with our findings and are therefore frequently in odd decimal divisions of the given measure.)
After thorough mixing, this mixture is placed in a large plastic jar (formerly from whey protein) and is kept in a closed kitchen cupboard.

2) In April 2005, Paul and I ceased our 6 cycles of 28 hours each in a calendar week period. (See 28 Hour Schedule for detailed description.) Until January 2006, when we changed to only 2 meals daily, we did not adjust our supplements and chemical dosages. We had thought that we could manage on a regular basis taking 3 meals within this "shorter" day and take supplements as previously. However this proved difficult at times since we were often not hungry enough at a reasonable hour (4 hours before sleep) to eat a third meal. Also studies on calorie restriction have shown that moderate periods of hunger are actually beneficial (see discussion at Foods section and Diet Regimen).

In January 2007, we decided to try consuming all our calories at one extended length meal, after observing it done successfully by visitors; we found it quite easy to do with another cup of hot green/rooibos tea (also containing hibiscus, ginger and gogi berries) satisfying any really annoying hunger pangs. (We drink 5 to 6 large cups daily as a regular practice.) Therefore another review (one having been done previously with change from 3 to 2 meals daily) of the supplements has been made and a redistribution for those best taken with food and also those best or not effected by being taken on an empty stomach - on arising or before our meal - and also ones taken at bedtime. Our reorganization, in January 2006, of our supplements included adjustment of our proportions of meal supplements to better fit our ratios of lean body weight as we had done with our meal cocktail for years. This meant that some things were decreased for me and others increased for Paul. Apart from special needs, we try to apportion all supplements as near as possible to a ratio of 2:3 for me to Paul (the approximate ratio of our lean body weights).

In early July 2008 we extended our intermittent fasting by arranging our eating schedule so that we consume one extended meal on 2 days out of every 3 and modified it slightly in August. Our regularly taken supplements (see Definitions) are taken in the following manner in coordination with our current eating schedule:

With this arrangement of supplement intake, my effective daily consumption of a particular supplement is 2/3 of the values shown on this page for all regularly taken supplements except Pre-Sleep-Supplements, as can be seen on our spreadsheet.

3) Although neither MoreLife nor its owners are associated with the suppliers of our supplements and we receive no remuneration from those suppliers, there is a built-in bias in our use of LEF Products because of Paul's involvement with them in 1996, performing some major computer work for them at a time of crisis with their order entry system. When LEF balked at paying his requested fee in full, Paul negotiated payment as free purchase of their products for the rest of his life, and this was graciously later extended to include me, his partner and wife. As a consequence we have done little comparative shopping among nutrient suppliers wrt price versus value tradeoffs. We fully admit bias in this respect and that is why we will not be recommending any particular suppliers over any others. If at some time in the future this "free" source ceases to exist, either involuntarily or because we have decided we wish to be more independent in spite of the loss of money involved, then we may start to rate various suppliers wrt benefit/cost/risk analysis.

4) The source from which we purchase our supplements can be seen by clicking on the link. (This website is not associated with any of these suppliers nor does it receive any remuneration from them.) If the supplement has no link, the source is stated in (), if it is specific. For those items marked with ** Contact Paul.

5) In order for Paul and me to know the totals of various ingredients being consumed via our supplements, we make use of a very large spreadsheet in Excel. All those items supplying ingredients from more than one supplement source are included in this spreadsheet. Some other chemicals/nutrients that we get from only one source are also listed, but the reader should be aware that our regimen pages are the only complete source for our total supplement intake.

6) To print, select "frames individually" where available on browser. Selecting and copying desired portions to word processor document may be necessary if using certain browsers that do not recognize framed pages with page breaks.

7) Many links, typically those going outside MoreLife, open in a separate window automatically. Always use left mouse button for these.

Non-Food Potion
Taken mixed in water
accompanied by those items listed further below as "non-food". (See Note 2)
~ Wt ^ Item Vol ^
4ml (740 mg) Choline Chloride Liquid 3/4 tsp (new)
see daily total below Potassium citrate (38% potassium) 1/2 tsp (old) (fasting day only)
^ Based on weights taken with each shipment of powders using our "new" and "old" set of measuring spoons and a 3rd set of spoons labeled dash, pinch and smidgen.

243 grams of potassium citrate, yielding 92.4 grams of potassium, is dissolved in water to equal 700 ml volume, which makes each teaspoon (5 ml) contain approximately 0.66 grams of potassium; 1/2 teaspoon (old) is taken on fasting days for an effective daily total of 0.11 grams from this item.

Acipimox ** doses held following more than mildest injury until healing well observed.

Smoothie & Cereal Courses Powders, Extracts & Liquids

These are mixed in the food items eaten in what I still think of as my breakfast food courses of my single meal (eaten 2 days out of every 3), as detailed in the breakfast portion of our diet regimen. The typical volume measurements (shown in the recipes) in our breakfast course items have been reweighed periodically to verify the amount actually being ingested, although the amounts are not critical.

1.2 gm Acai Berry, freeze dried fruit (included in Smoothie)
24 ml Aloe Gold (included in Smoothie)
1.0 gm Super Ascorbate C Powder (included in Smoothie)
1.0 gm cinnamon
0.6 gm ginger
12 ml 100% Goji Juice Liquid (included in Smoothie)
7.0 gm brown flaxseed whole (then ground)
5.7 gm Lecithin
24 ml Mangosteen 100 (included in Smoothie)
24 ml 100% Noni Juice Liquid (included in Smoothie)
2.7 gm Soy Protein Concentrate
13.5 gm Enhanced Life Extension Protein (whey protein isolate)

Meal Cocktail
Below is the daily portion of a (typically) 30 meal (45 elapsed days) batch^ of powders mixed by weight ingested during our single meal with three exceptions. First, the full amount of alagebrium chloride is put into only 1/2 the total powder quantity; the two halves are then cycled for equal elapsed times of approximatly 11-12 days (1/4 of the total duration of the powder mix). Secondly, the generic Kremezin is measured separately at each meal to avoid settling out in powder mix. Lastly, Rhubarb root powder is added separately since varying amounts may be taken by me - see her Change Notices, entries 12/07 thru 2/26/08 and 3/10 thru 8/20/10.
The "daily" powder mix quantity is mixed with tomato juice, approximately 1 teaspoon extra virgin oil olive oil, ~ 70 ml (1.3 of LEF small scoop from whey powder or approximately 5 tablespoon ) of cider vinegar, several dashes of Worcestershire sauce (definitely makes it taste better) and then diluted with additional tomato juice, liquid left over from canned products or vegetable cooking water as available. (I want the extra cider vinegar to mask the excessively strong taste of stevia that is part of LEF's Vital Greens.)
^ See determination method under step 9c of powder mixing.

25 drops of Oil of Cilantro are added to the liquid cocktail serving.

Amounts taken with each meal (See Note 2):
4800 mg Agave Digestive-Immune Support
72 mg Alagebrium Chloride (generic ALT-711) **
240 mg Aminoguanidine
800 mg Beta Alanine powder
960 mg Biotin 1%
800 mg Citrulline Malate
4000 mg D-Ribose
56 mg Dilauryl Thiodipropionate
1.0 g DMAE bitartrate powder (37% DMAE)
4 gm generic Kremezin (AST-120) **
896 mg Magnesium Oxide powder (61% magnesium)
72 mg N-tert-butyl hydroxylamine hydrochloride (NtBHA) **
1.28 gm Piracetam powder
3.52 gm ProGreens
400 mg Pyridoxamine Dihydrochloride **
150 mg Rhubarb root powder (Rheum palmatum)
1.9 gm Taurine powder
56 mg Thiodipropionic Acid
1.7 gm Trimethylglycine (TMG) powder
4.26 gm Vital Greens

Tablet/Capsule/Drops Supplements taken in Relationship to Each Meal (See Note 2)
NF = Non-Food-Supplements; those supplements taken on an empty stomach
PF = Pre-Food-Supplements; those supplements taken 30 to 45 minutes prior to eating our single meal
F = Food-Supplements; those supplements taken during our single extended meal, multiple qtys split between 2 sittings
1NF/F = 1 taken NF and 1 taken F;
2NF/1PF = 2 taken NF and 1 taken PF

Qty Supplied As Item
1 NF/F 75 mg 5-Loxin
1 F 500 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine, optimized w/ Glycocarn
1 NF/PF 500 mg AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound)
2 F Arthro-Immune Joint Support
2 F ArthroMax w/ Theaflavin & Fruitex B
1 F 300 mg Artichoke Leaf extract
1 NF Ashwaghanda Extract
1F 81 mg Low Dose Aspirin
1NF/2F 250 mg Astragalus Root extract (12:1)
24 drops NF Astragalus Root - alcohol free (in sm amt warm tea)
1 F 500 mg Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
1 NF/F 100 mg Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
1 NF/PF 500 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
1 NF 125 mg Bacopa Extract
1F 250 mg Benfotiamine, Mega (w/ Thiamine)
1 F Berry Complete, enhanced w/ AZD acai
1 F 350 mg BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
1 NF/PF 100 mg Bilberry extract
1 F Berry Complete, enhanced w/ AZD acai
5 drops F 5 mg Biosil (add to meal cocktail)
1 NF/F Blueberry Extract w/ Pomegranate
1NF/2F Bone Strength Formula with KoAct
1 F Super Booster
2NF Natural BP Management
4F Branched Chain Amino Acids
6 drops NF 60 mcg (-)-BPAP ** (on tongue)
1NF/F Breast Health
1NF Bromelain
1NF 1000 mg Gentle-C
1NF/2PF 1500 mg Calcium Pyruvate
1NF/F Calorie Restriction Mimetic Longevity Formula (Fasting day & 1st eating day only)
1NF 500 mg L-Carnitine
1NF/F CarnoSoothe
1F 1000 mg Cat's Claw Bark
1F 300 mg Cerimides, Skin Restoring
1F 100/10 mg Chlorphyllin w/ Zinc
1NF/F 400 mg Chondroitin Sulfate
2PF Enhanced Cinsulin w/ Glucose Management Prop Blend (2nd cap taken prior to 2nd half of meal)
1NF/F Citrus Bioflavonoid w/ Rutin
2F Cognitex (w/o Pregnenolone)
1NF 2 mg Copper Caps
1F 100 mg Super Absorbable CoQ10 w/ D'Limomene
2F 100 mg Super Ubiquinol (CoQ10)
2NF/PF 500 mg CranMax, optimized
1F Triple Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract w/ Resveratrol & Cat's Claw
1F alt with 2F 5000 IU/1100mcg Vitamin D & K with sea-iodine
2F Derma Whey
2F Digestive Enzymes (1 at start of both halves of extended meal)
1.5NF/2F 150 mg DMAE Bitartrate (37% DMAE) (2NF eating day, 1NF fstg day)
1F DNA Protection Formula
1NF/F Echinacea
4F Super Omega 3 - EPA/DHA w/sesame lignans & olive oil
2F Endothelial Defense
1NF/2F Natural Estrogen
1F European Leg Solution (Diosmin)
1NF Natural Female Support
1NF 240 mg Fernblock
1NF Fibrinogen Resist
1F Flora, Ultimate Advanced (post meal 2nd eating day)
1NF/1F Fucoidan, Optimized (NF on fasting day only)
1F Gamma E Tocopherol w/sesame lignans
1NF/F Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate
1F GingerForce (2nd half of meal)
1F 120 mg Ginkgo Biloba extract
3PF 24 mg GlucoFit (3rd taken prior to 2nd half of single meal on the 2 eating days)
1NF/F 475 mg Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)
1PF 725 mg Mega Green Tea Extract (247 mg EGCG)
3PF 250 mg HCA Citrimax (hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia Cambogia; taken divided between 2 sittings of long meal)
1NF 30 mg Hoodia Gordonii (fasting day only)
2F Ideal Bowel Support (fasting day only)
1NF 15 mg Immune Protect w/ Paractin
2PF Interplexus Seriphos (1/2 qty pre 2nd sitting of long meal)
1NF 400/110 mg IP6/inositol
4PF Irvingia, Optimized (1/2 qty pre 2nd sitting of long meal)
1NF 15 mg Iron Protein Plus (every third meal)
1NF Jarro-Dophilus (fasting day only)
1F Super K with K2 Complex
2F Krill Oil
1F Kyolic Garlic Formula 102
2F 600 mg Kyolic Reserve (Aged Garlic Extract)
1NF 300 mg Lactoferrin
4F Life Extension Mix
1F LifeShield Immunity (mushroom blend)
1 NF/F Advanced Lipid Control
1F 15 mg Mega Lycopene
1NF/PF 160 mg Magnesium Citrate
1F 1000 mcg L-Methylfolate
1NF/2F Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer
1NF/F 1 gm MSM
1NF/2F 600 mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NF on non-fasting day only)
1PF Nattokinase
1PF 100 mg Nettle Leaf Extract
1NF/F 800 mg Niacin (No-Flush; Inositol Hexanicotinate)
2F 1000 mg Niacinamide
1NF/PF Oil of Oregano
2 F 500 mg Olive Leaf Extract
1NF Super Critical Omega 7
1NF Only Trace Minerals (every third meal)
1F 30 mg OptiZinc
2NF/F 200 mg Panax Ginseng
1NF 450 mg Pantethine
1PF 500 mg Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
1NF/PF PEAK ATP w/ GlycoCarn
1PF 100 mg Phosphatidylserine (PS)
1F Pomegranate, Full Spectrum Extract
1NF 50 mg Pregnenolone
1NF Primal Defense (probiotics)
1F pTeropure (pterostilbene)
1NF/F Pumpkin Seed Extract with Soy Isoflavones
2F Pure-Gar
1NF Pycnogenol
1NF/PF 1000 mg L-Pyroglutamic Acid
1F 250 mg Optimized Quercetin
1NF 300 mg Super R-Lipoic Acid
1F 600 mg Red Yeast Rice (Monascus purpureus) R1
1NF Regimint
1PF Relora
1F 250 mcg Rhodiola (3% rosavins)
1F 100 mg Rosmarinic Acid Extract
1NF 400 mg S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMEe)
1NF Saffron, Optimized (fasting day only)
1NF/1F 900 mg Silymarin w/Isosilybin-B
1NF SODZyme + GliSODin & Wolfberry
2F Soy, Ultra Extract
1F 135 mg Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones
3NF 750 mg Strontium (early am, fasting & 1st eating days)
1F Theralac (every 2nd meal)
1F 75 mg Tocotrienol w/ sesame lignans
1F 50 mg Tocotrienol, Super Absorbable
1NF/F 7.5 mg Vanadyl Sulfate
1F 5 mg Vinpocetine
1NF/F Super Zeaxanthin w/ Lutein & meso-zeaxanthin + Astaxanthin
2F Zyflamend

Prescription Medication (See Note 2)
1F 150 mg Lithium Carbonate (18.8% pure lithium)
1NF & HS 500 mg Metformin (Glucophage) Extended Release (withhold following moderate or greater injury or illness)

Pre-sleep (HS): (See Note 2)
1 ArthroMax w/ Theaflavin & Fruitex B
1 Ashwaghanda Extract
1 125 mg Bacopa Extract
1 250 mg Benfotiamine, Mega (w/ Thiamine)
1 Berry Complete, enhanced w/ AZD acai
2 Black Elderberry
1 Bone Strength Formula with KoAct
1 Bromelain
0.5 1 gm Gentle-C
1 500 mg Super Carnosine
1 400/110 mg Cellforte IP6/inositol
2 500 mg CranMax, Optimized
1 25/100 mg DHEA Complete (DHEA/7-Keto DHEA)
2 150 mg DMAE Bitartrate (37% DMAE)
1 Echinacea
1 250 mg Florastor
1 Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate
1 LifeShield Immunity (mushroom blend)
2 10 mg Melatonin
1 1 gm MSM
1 Nattokinase
1 Natural Sleep, Enhanced (w/o Melatonin)
1 100 mg Natural Stress Relief
1 100 mg Nettle Leaf Extract
2 500 mg l-Ornithine
1 100 mg Phosphatidylserine (PS)
1 10 mg PPQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)
1 50 mg Pregnenolone
1 Propolis Extract
1 300 mg Super R-Lipoic Acid
1 250 mg Rhodiola (3% rosavins)
1 500 mg RNA
1 400 mg S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMEe)
2 drops 100 mg Sodium Selenite Solution
1 100 mg Natural Stress Relief
1 500 mg Tryptopure (L-Tryptophan)
2 Vascular Protect
1 Venotone
1 Yohimbe Plus

Mixed in water:
Powders are measured in measuring spoons slightly rounded by pulling across container opening
~1/3 tsp 1.0 gm L-Arginine
1/4 tsp (new) 1.25 ml (231 mg) Choline Chloride Liquid
1.0 tsp 3.2 gm GABA powder
1.0 scoop 7.19 gm d-Mannose
Taken sublingually pre-sleep:
1 5 mg Methylcobalamin

Taken in water or cool tea before and after physical exercise or periods of exertion
1 level new tsp 3.4 gm Micronized Creatine

Topical Items:
1/3 tsp once daily (days 1-25 of month) Pro Fem
sm amt after night shower New Face (face & neck)
several drops each morning Hydroderm (face & neck, alternate mornings with Anti-glycation serum)
3-4 drops each morning Anti-glycation Serum (face & neck, alternate mornings with Hydroderm)
small amt AM & PM when remembered Rejuvenex Factor (face & neck after other creams)
generously twice daily Rejuvenex Body Lotion (to arms & legs; usually only when in AZ)
~1/4 tsp once daily (after shower) Foot Cream, Anti-Oxidant Rejuvenating

Face and neck washed once weekly with Life Extension Self MicroDerm Abrasion Exfoliate

As Needed (PRN) Items

Items Taken Immediately Upon Feeling "Under the Weather"
(for typically 3-4 doses; extra rest included)
1 every 4 hr Ester-C
1 every 4 hr Echinacea
1 every 4 hr Goldenseal
1 every 4 hr Grapefruit seed extract (125mg)
1 every 4 hr Zinc Lozenge
1 hpg tsp every 4 hr Super Ascorbate C powder (mixed in dilute warm grape or lemon juice)
1 Tb every 4 hr Sambu Guard (added to warm Ascorbate C-juice mix)

Taken for anticipated high stress situations, for 3 to 4 days prior.
2 once daily Stabillium 200

Taken when occasionally feeling strongly anxious or experiencing a more than transient period of depression; not more than twice within 24 hours, typically only once - often with many weeks or even months in between usage.
1 100 mg L-Theanine

Taken or applied on infrequent occasion of joint and/or muscle discomfort sometimes following an extra amount or degree of usage; most often along with a few applications of ice compress.
1 Fast-Acting Joint Formula (for 1 or 2 days)
sm amt once or twice daily Boswella Cream
30g once daily Pure Plant Protein (several days for significant injury)

His Regimen
Change Record

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